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Dean Graham and Megan Fischer conduct a clinic at Flat Creek Ranch in Hogansville, GA.

Dean and Megan once again added polish and training to the horses of Bits & Bytes Farm during a one day clinic utilizing the fine cross country course and dressage arenas at Flat Creek Ranch.

Five horses from Bits & Bytes Farm went down to Flat Creek Ranch for the training. Lord Sexton, Darcy, Roary, Captain and Corporate Action.

Lord Sexton, Darcy and Roary
Ready for the training to begin. Pictured left to right: Lord Sexton, Darcy and Roary  


Roary was our star student. His cross country experience had been limited to the Bits & Bytes Farm course and one beginner level course. Roary was not intimidated by any of the fences Dean rode him to. Roary had no refusals and jumped fences from Beginner Novice level to Preliminary with confidence and determination.

Roary then schooled dressage with Megan and gave Lorrie a lesson in how to do dressage the classical way with Megan teaching.

Roary and Dean

Roary and Dean

Roary & Dean Graham

Roary and Megan Fischer

Roary and Lorrie

Lord Sexton

Lord Sexton just began jumping last week but look at him now! Lord Sexton had not one refusal and jumped fences from Beginner Novice to Training level. This is an off-the-track-thoroughbred who has only ever raced on flat dirt. Now just seven weeks off the track he is fox hunting, galloping cross country and jumping Training level cross country fences!

Dean and Lord Sexton
Lord Sexton and Dean Graham
Lord Sexton and Elizabeth


Darcy just began jumping a few weeks ago but look at him now. Darcy is not ruffled by anything! He was a little unsure of the smallest fence ("do I step over or jump?") but soon progressed with no other problems to training level fences. Both Dean and Barry enjoyed jumping Darcy. Barry and Darcy also spent some dressage time with Megan working on suppleness and bending.

Barry and Darcy
Darcy and Dean Graham
Darcy and Dean Graham  

Darcy & Dean Graham

Corporate Action

Corporate Action and his new mom Melissa Golden enjoyed Megan's dressage instruction. Corporate is learning to bend right and be supple. Melissa is learning to use muscles she's never used before! Who said dressage is easy?

Corporate Action and his new mom Melissa Golden

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Lords Sesxton

Darcy & Dean Graham

Darcy and Dean Graham
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