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Dean Graham schools Roary over the cross country course at Flat Creek Ranch in Hogansville, G

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Dean Graham and Megan Fischer return to school our horses. See Lord Sexton, Darcy and Roary schooling cross country fences!

Captain Arias finishes ninth at Pine Top! Read all about it!


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Roary and Lorrie
Lorrie and Roary enjoy receiving dressage training from Megan Fischer.

Roary & Lorrie
Lorrie and Roary are quite the pair in the dressage arena.

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The training continues!

The holidays were busy at Bits & Bytes Farm. We had visitors from Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida and Zimbabwe (yes, the country in Africa)!

Lorrie and her daughter Kaye have been following the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site from Africa in anticipation of moving back to Atlanta. Both of them are lovely riders but had to leave their horses behind in Africa. Lorrie enjoyed riding Roary and has the honor of being our first video clip on this Web site. She was also able to take advantage of Dean Graham and Megan Fischer's visit to the Atlanta area to get some dressage training with Roary. See a fourth page of Roary photos!

Melissa, Corporate Action's new owner were also able to enjoy some dressage training with Megan.
Corporate Action and Megan Fischer
Melissa and Corporate Action enjoy Megan Fischer's dressage instruction.

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Roary & Dean Grahjam
Roary got an accelerated training session with Dean Graham-- moving quickly from Beginner Novice Fences to Preliminary level fences, all in one day!

Darcy & Dean Graham
Darcy started small and ended up jumping training level fences. He had never even jumped cross rails a few weeks ago!

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Snake Proof

Irish & Roary

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