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Dean Graham and Megan Fischer return to school our horses. See Lord Sexton, Darcy and Roary schooling cross country fences!

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Fox Hunting in Aiken, SC

Three horses from Bits & Bytes farm made the trip to Aiken, SC for a joint meet between Shakerag Hounds (Atlanta, GA) and Why Worry (Aiken, SC).

Darcy, Lord Sexton and Irish all traveled well and settled in quietly at the trackside barn. We were a little worried that they might think they were being sent back to the track for racing. Not a problem. They seemed to know that mom and dad were there to hunt and they were up to the task.

Irish checks out the stables.

Friday's hunt with Why Worry Hounds in Aiken, SC was informal but lots of fun. The sand footing of South Carolina made for great gallops through the pine forest.

Darcy and Lord Sexton enjoyed riding with the first field and were close to the hounds at all times. Lord Sexton practiced his flying changes while galloping down the winding roads through the woods.

Darcy & Barry on Friday
Darcy and Barry (right) with Ms. MaryAnn Watson of Shakerag Hounds.

Darcy handled his second hunt very well with Barry being spoiled by his even rhythmic canter. Both horses seemed to learn to pace themselves behind the other horses and started to respond to stopping with just a half halt and a light tug on the reins.

Darcy settled in fine at the stables but kept a close watch on the youngsters heading to the Aiken Training Track to begin their racing education.

Aiken Training Track
Aiken, SC has long been the winter training facility for many thoroughbred trainers.

Dogwood Stables

Dogwood Stables brought out some babies while we were enjoying the morning trackside.

Darcy & Barry
Darcy and Barry practice their jumping in Hitchcock Woods on Saturday.

Saturday was a ride in the park - Hitchcock Woods. The Hitchcock Woods is a 2000 acre forest preserve in the center of Aiken which is owned and managed by the Hitchcock Foundation, a non-profit organization, for the recreational use and enjoyment of the public. Hitchcock Woods has over 200 fences and we tried to find all of them!


Sandra & Jean Carnet
Sandra and Jean Carnet of Shakerag Hounds with Barry in the middle with his
Bits & Bytes Farm hat.

Darcy and Barry at the formal hunt on Sunday
Darcy and Barry at the formal hunt on Sunday

Irish & Elizabeth
Irish & Elizabeth at Sunday's formal hunt with Sandra Carnet and Jean Carnet.

Aiken, SC
Aiken, SC streets are designed with horses in mind. Wide boulevards and dirt streets make this Southern town the horse capital of the South.

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Irish and Elizabeth enjoyed the fences in Hitchcock Woods and especially the ones on the racetrack.

Sunday was a formal hunt with Why Worry Hounds followed by a fantastic hunt breakfast. A good time was had by all!

We arrived home on Sunday evening tired and happy. What a great three days we had with our new friends in Aiken, SC.

Snake Proof

Irish & Roary

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