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October 27, 2003 - New photos of Irish!


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October 23, 2003

Prospect Mare for sale


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Bits & Bytes Farm - horses for sale
Marie looks in Sir Cahill's eyes to see
how kind he is.


Keeneland paddock

Keeneland Clubhouse

Keeneland's Mission Statement
Keeneland was established as a model race track to perpetuate and improve the sport, and to provide a course that is intended to serve as a symbol of the fine traditions of Thoroughbred racing. The philosophy and principals which have characterized Keeneland throughout its history remain unchanged.

Keeneland continues to fulfill its mission to the community by promoting the racing industry through three lines of business: sales, live racing and simulcast racing.

Keeneland strives to be the leading sales company through the sale of the highest quality horses for the best return. Keeneland is dedicated to innovative approaches to sales by meeting customer needs such as holding sales in locations other than Keeneland and by assisting horsemen through on-track services.

Keeneland remains dedicated to perpetuating the finest traditions of live racing. Keeneland is committed to scheduling the highest quality races, offering generous purses, and generating the excitement associated with racing the best Thoroughbreds. Keeneland strives to maintain racing's finest traditions through its special atmosphere by continually improving facilities and offering services to attract the racing public today and in the future.

Visit Keeneland's Web site from more information on this beautiful track.

Baileysontherocks at Bits & Bytes Farm.
Baileysontherocks at Bits & Bytes Farm.

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We've been shopping!

We had a quick trip to Kentucky to look for more horses and work on getting the Secretariat Center database figured out. Big Money's mom, Marie, joined Barry and Elizabeth and it was a fun trip for all of us.

We spent Thursday night in Lexington and we were at Turfway Park early Friday morning where we found a great prospect mare. We met with several of our favorite trainers and learned about a trainer that was also the breeder of the horses she races. She is very concerned about her horses and what happens to them after racing. She built her own farm so that she can give them the best possible care before, during and after their racing careers. It was our good fortune to learn of her from Joe Bear's former owner/trainer. After introductions we agreed to follow her to her farm about an hour away to see two horses that she had recently retired from racing.

Farm where we found those chestnuts.

The farm is beautiful and is set up to give the best possible care to it occupants. An indoor arena with rubber footing allows for continual training no matter what the weather. If the horse is sore and still needs exercise, he can swim in the heated equine swimming pool.

Equine swimming pool
Marie, Elizabeth and Barry get a tour of the swimming pool.

We found two beautiful chestnut boys that we could not refuse to bring home. They kept snuggling up to Marie who tried to hide one in her pocket to take him home with her. Marie was our "snuggle tester" the whole weekend. They had to pass Marie's snuggle test before we would even look at them. We work very hard to find horses that want to be pets. Most of our customers want a partner for life not just a performance machine. We spent Friday night near the farm so that we could pick the horses up early Saturday morning on our way back to Lexington for our meeting.

On to Lexington . . .

Thankfully we have friends who have farms (an understatement) in Lexington, KY and we were able to give the horses a rest in large well bedded box stalls while we attended our meeting at Keeneland.

Keeneland hedges
Keeneland hedges.

Keeneland is one of the most beautiful race tracks in the country. See the sidebar for Keeneland's Mission Statement. We enjoyed the company of other Thoroughbred rescue groups as we all helped plan the future of the Secretariat Center.

The Secretariat Center will pull together all the not-for-profit Thoroughbred rescue organizations and hopefully list all their horses in one Internet database accessible from any computer. It will also house retired race horses so that the public will be able to come and meet them, ride them and buy them. It will be located at the Kentucky Horse Park and will help to educate the public about how versatile and loving these ex-racers are.

We adjourned the meeting and enjoyed an fantastic lunch in the clubhouse where we had the pleasure of meeting Keeneland's president Nick Nicholson. Lunch was topped off with the famous Keeneland bread pudding with Maker's Mark frosting. Yummmy!

Our breeder/trainer friend had a horse running Saturday at Keeneland.
Her horse won - so, we ended up winning a little which offset the cost
of the two horses we purchased from her.

It was a beautiful fall day at Keeneland and the foliage was really spectacular.

Keeneland race.

After a pleasant fall day at the races we returned to the farm pick up our new horses and head for home. What a great trip!

Sir Cahill and Baileysontherocks
Elizabeth and Marie lead our new horses out of the barn and back into our waiting trailer.

Bits & Bytes Farm 4-Star trailer

Come meet Sir Cahill and Baileysontherocks. They are both very sweet and kind horses. . . but then you knew that because they passed Marie's "Snuggle Test"!

Turfway Park

Turfway Park
Turfway Park

Lexington, KY farm
Eaton Farms

Eaton Farms

Kentucky babies
Kentucky babies. Will one of these be a
Triple Crown Winner?

Elizabeth and Barry at Keeneland.
Elizabeth and Barry at Keeneland.

Sir Cahill at Bits & Bytes Farm
Sir Cahill at Bits & Bytes Farm

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Snake Proof

Irish & Roary


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