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September 21, 2004

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Wiseguy's Out

Wiseguy's Out arrived Sunday to the farm.




The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses (CANTER) provides retiring racehorses with opportunities for new careers after the finish line.

Through its Web site, CANTER provides the means for the public to view what horses are ending their racing careers and are available for purchase or adoption at Thoroughbred racetracks in six states. CANTER volunteers walk the shedrows of the racetracks taking listings and photographs for posting to the Web site. At most of our affiliates, the trainers may donate or sell their horse to CANTER and the organization will find approved non-race homes for their horses.




Zulu checks out the damage from hurricane Ivan.

Zulu checks out the damage from hurricane Ivan. We lost sections from four fences that cross over the stream through our back pastures.















Baileysontherocks and new owner Joshua Schuyler

In the middle of all this excitement Baileysontherocks found a new owner! Baileys left for his new home and Wiseguy's Out arrived 30 minutes later!


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm on the Web. Take a virtual tour of the farm and see the beautiful thoroughbreds we have for sale. Follow their training and learn how we bring them from racetrack to a new career in the show ring, fox hunting or eventing.

Thank you everyone for helping rescue Thoroughbreds!

"Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you." Psalm 36:5

It is always amazing to me how God works through us all. Wednesday night September 16, 2004 we received an e-mail from a fan of our Web site. Lauren sent me an e-mail with a posting from CANTER New England, a rescue organization, who was asking for help to place 117 Thoroughbreds that were stabled at the Northampton Fairgrounds in North Hampton, MA.

These horses were at risk of going to the killers. Many of the trainers there purchased horses solely to race at the fair. Other horses were at the end of successful racing careers but were getting too old/tired to keep racing. Some would go back to racing at other tracks after the meet but for many it was to be their final race and maybe their final days on this earth. Enter CANTER. (See their Mission Statement in the sidebar.)

We called Ellen, at CANTER NE, and asked if we could post the information on our Web site. She was happy for us to do that. She said that some horses had already gone to the killers but that if the trainers could see that there was a market for their horses they might not be so quick to ship them off to the killers. Not all trainers send their horses to auction at the end of their careers but some do. There were many "at risk" horses at the fair that needed new careers after racing.

On Thursday morning , we posted a page of information with a direct link to the CANTER NE Northampton horses for sale. In four days we had over three hundred visitors to the page! In the middle or our preparations for hurricane Ivan, the calls started coming in asking for help choosing horses and arranging transportation. As Ivan's winds picked up, so did the phone calls and e-mails. We only had until Monday to place as many horses as possible!

Hurricane Ivan
Fence line damage from hurricane Ivan.

Janet Salem of Patchwork Farm down the road from us told me about Stacey Emory of Camalou Farms in Ocala Florida. Stacey was the real hero of the day because she stepped up to the plate and arranged for a six horse trailer to come south. Later she arranged for temporary stabling for some of the horses while arranging for TWO more trailers to pick them up.

Janet found herself a horse and Stacey bought three! Stacey had a truck and trailer standing by on Saturday morning waiting for Ivan's rain to let up (it had passed us and flooded the barns at Northampton Fairgrounds canceling the racing and adding more pressure to the situation). Six horses were loaded - three for Stacey, Janet's horse, another horse for Chris Braxton of Melbourne, FL and our "find of the day" - Wiseguy's Out. The truck and trailer pulled out just as Ivan blew away . Our driver, Kevin Cadd, had clear driving all night to arrive Sunday afternoon in Georgia. Who can say that God did not plan that?

CANTER NE Thoroughbred - Wiseguy's Out
Wiseguy's Out

Another neighbor, Jennifer Crafton, stopped by Bits & Bytes Farm to strategize on how to get a horse. Jennifer was quick enough to get Town Meeting. Another friend Leah Urban, of Saddle of Cobb riding club, passed the info on to her members. I received a phone call from Saddle Up Cobb member Kerry Thomas. We discussed the horses and Kerry bought #116 from the CANTER site!! Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm Linda Ross passed the info on to her NEDA friends up north (New England Dressage Association). We were told by one owner that there were a hundred buyers walking the track on Friday!

Saturday morning we received a call from Michael Wuolukka of Hidden Paradise Farms in Macon, Georgia. He had been busy helping horses that had evacuated, to his farm from Florida, during hurricane Ivan and he just saw our message on the Web site. He was worried he was too late to help. Thanks again go to Stacey for arranging more transportation and a place to keep the horses allowing Michael to buy FOUR horses! YEAH!!!!! His horses will come down this week with Jennifer's and Kerry's as well as some horses going to Virginia and the Carolinas.

The out pouring of love for these horses was incredible. THANK YOU to everyone who saw our page and passed it on. Not often do we get a tally of our good deeds but this time we have a partial listing of our success.

If you were able to get a horse after finding the info on our Web site, please share your story with us.

Here is a report from the CANTER NE Web site.
Click here for a list of the horses sold.

CANTER NE Thoroughbred - Wiseguy's Out

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