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January 9, 2005

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$10,000 REWARD

Straw Boy has been sold!

Straw Boy has found a new buddy.

Chouette Player - a Thoroughbred horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Look Ma -- No hands.
Chouette Player enjoyed the trail ride. Photo by Marie VanRoekel.


Dawson Forest Trail ride January 2, 2005.

Lise on Fort Mason, Marie on Brewster and Gertjan on Big Money forded the river.




Meghan and Chouette Player

Meghan of Savannah, Georgia and Chouette Player.




Cloned Colony is the newest Thoroughbred horse for sale at our farm.

Cloned Colony has arrived! He was one of our December Prospect horses.



Cloned Colony and Elizabeth working in the arena at Bits & Bytes Farm

Elizabeth working with Cloned Colony in the arena.


Coloned Colony

This is not the end of the photos of Coloned Colony. Watch for his photo pages this week.




Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm on the Web. Take a virtual tour of the farm and see the beautiful thoroughbreds we have for sale. Follow their training and learn how we bring them from racetrack to a new career in the show ring, fox hunting or eventing.

It's been a busy first week of the New Year!

We started the new year with our birthday party for the Thoroughbreds and continued the fun the next day with a trail ride to Dawson Forest with two of our newer to trail riding horses - Chouette Player and Knight Villain.

Trail riding with a group is a good way to see how the horses might behave while fox hunting. We like to do short, fun trips away from the farm to reassure the Thoroughbreds that they will be coming back to Bits & Bytes Farm. Lise on Fort Mason, Marie on Brewster and Gertjan on Big Money joined us on the ride. Marie brought the camera and captured the fun. Both Chouette Play and Knight Villain look like they have fox hunting potential - as well as eventing capabilities.

Knight Villain and Chouette Player are two bay Thoroughbred horses for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm
Barry and Elizabeth like to ride matched pairs. Barry is on Knight Villain and Elizabeth is on Chouette Player. Photo by Marie VanRoekel.

Mid-week we had visitors from Savannah, Georgia - Meghan and her trainer Jennifer. Meghan enjoyed riding Brewster, Era of Chanago and Chouette Player. Jennifer enjoyed Chanago but she is not currently in the market or he would be gone.

Meghan on Chouette Player
Our visitor from Savannah riding Chouette Player.

Early Saturday morning our newest horse, Cloned Colony, arrived in style from the race track aboard a huge 78 foot fifteen horse van. Too bad it was too dark to get photos of the van.

Elizabeth greets our newest horse - Cloned Colony.
Cloned Colony arrived early Saturday morning.

After the sun finally came up, several of our horses loaded into two trailers and headed to Big Bear for some cross country schooling with Bits & Bytes Farm trainer, Elisa Wallace and a horse she is training for resale. Former Bits & Bytes Farm horses for sale, Broadway Joe and Te Conquistar (aka Mactavish) learned to jump banks and ditches with their moms and boarding buddy Trey and Mandy.

Just as their trailers pulled out, Straw Boy's new family arrived with their trailer to take Straw Boy to his home in North Carolina. If this keeps up we will have to install traffic lights in the parking lot!

Straw Boy and his new family
Straw Boy and his new family: Dr. and Mrs. Harry Moore of Atlanta and Andrews, North Carolina.

Straw Boy has found a wonderful family to move in with. Dr. and Mrs. Harry Moore have just completed building a new home and stables in the mountains of North Carolina. Straw Boy will continue with his event training and Harry plans to compete with him later this year.

The spring-like weather is making it really pleasant to be working outside training the horses. Our baby Firefly is now quietly riding in the arena at a walk, trot and canter. On Sunday she had her first mini trail ride in our woods and she lead the way crossing the stream and stepping over logs without hesitation. This little lady is going to be bomb proof in another month - if not already! She will make a great fox hunter for a timid rider or a child that may have out grown her pony. Firefly is now almost three and a half and she will start ground pole work this week.

Firefly and Rachael
Firefly and mom Rachael enjoy the beautiful spring-like weather in January at Bits & Bytes Farm.


$10,000 REWARD

UPDATED January 14, 2005

Click here to print out FLYERS to post at your barn, tack shop or feed store.

There has been a possible sighting of the truck on Hwy 27 in Colquitt, GA, December 18 or 19th. It was seen at a local Hardy's Restaurant. If you were in the area and saw this truck and horse trailer please let us know.

Watch your local horse auctions PLEASE!!!!

$10,000 REWARD

Two mares, a truck and a trailer have been stolen!
Click here for details.


One suspect lives in
Cross City in Dixie County in North Florida.
One more reason to keep an eye out in Georgia!!

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