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February 14, 2005

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Training notes from elizabeth
Updated February 7, 2005

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Era of Chanago walked off the trailer and started eating the grass.

Era of Chanago and his new mom Tara.










Cloned Colony and Laurie take a walk in the woods.

Cloned Colony and Laurie take a walk in the woods.







Cloned Colony - Thoroughbred horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Laurie had to see for herself that Cloned Colony could pass the no hands test.











Our Boy Darcy

Our Boy Darcy in the front pasture.


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm on the Web. Take a virtual tour of the farm and see the beautiful thoroughbreds we have for sale. Follow their training and learn how we bring them from racetrack to a new career in the show ring, fox hunting or eventing.

Someone is in Love with Era of Chanago!

On Saturday February fifth we delivered Era of Chanago to his new home at Stoneridge Equestrian Center in Liberty, South Carolina to his new mom Tara Healy. What a lovely training facility.

Era of Chanago's new home.

We always worry that our horses will settle in OK to their new home -- but we need not worry about Chanago. He walked off the trailer and started eating the grass.

Era of Chanago checks out his new farm.  

Later, his new mom Tara walked him to his roomy stall with a big Dutch door to the outside. He put his head out to survey his surroundings and took turns eating his dinner and watching outside.

The facility has a covered arena and a cross country course to train on. We hope to visit Tara and Era of Chanago often.

Here is the latest from Tara and Era of Chanago . . .

Hello Elizabeth!

I LOVE MY BOY! He is really coming along. In just the four days in a row that I've been riding him, he has improved with every ride. We are both figuring each other out and having tons of fun. Everyone in the barn absolutely loves him. All the kids were lined along the fence when we rode in the ring yesterday. I took him out for hill work this weekend with a few friends and he was in heaven. He has also made friends with everyone in his paddock including a bird that was perched on his rump when I went to bring him in yesterday!

I'm planning on taking some pictures of him this week and will send them to you guys. Hope all is well with everyone at Bits and Bytes.

Read the full story on Era of Chanago's Success Stories page.

Winter was Short Lived at Bits & Bytes Farm

If Jennifer Lind from Richmond, Virginia brought Winter to Bits & Bytes Farm then Laurie Flebotte of Florida brought the Spring. Laurie flew in from sunny Ft. Lauderdale to be our guest this weekend at the farm.

Spring has come to Bits & Bytes Farm.  

Laurie is a long time friend of our friend GladysAnn from Phoenix, AZ. GladysAnn recommended Laurie to come to our farm for a visit and try our horses. What a great time we had! GladysAnn should be a matchmaker. She said we would enjoy each other's company and riding together and she was right on.

Laurie rode Our Boy Darcy, Brewster, Chouette Player and Cloned Colony.


See more photos of Laurie on our 'visitors's photos' page.

Cloned Colony with visitor Laurie from Ft. Lauderdale.


$10,000 REWARD

UPDATED January 14, 2005

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There has been a possible sighting of the truck on Hwy 27 in Colquitt, GA, December 18 or 19th. It was seen at a local Hardy's Restaurant. If you were in the area and saw this truck and horse trailer please let us know.

Watch your local horse auctions PLEASE!!!!

$10,000 REWARD

Two mares, a truck and a trailer have been stolen!
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One suspect lives in
Cross City in Dixie County in North Florida.
One more reason to keep an eye out in Georgia!!

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