May 15, 2004

Photos below.

May Prospect Three

May Prospect Three - Four year old bay gelding.


May Prospect Three

May Prospect Three - Four year old bay gelding.



May Prospect Three

May Prospect Three - Four year old bay gelding.


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Bits & Bytes Farm is always keeping an eye out for good prospects at the race track. We currently have two prospect horses identified. When we do have prospect horses they will be still racing. They are not available at our farm for viewing. They are usually still at the race track. We may purchase a prospect horse in the future and train them for resale. When we offer prospects, you must remember that they are totally green and in racing condition and usually at bargain prices.

Buying a prospect horse direct from the track through Bits & Bytes Farm can save you a significant amount of frustration and money. Be aware that we have not ridden these horses and have not been involved in their training. We have seen them trotted out and raced. We make no claims as to the suitability of these horses for any discipline. It usually takes a few months away from the track for the horse's true personality and talents to make themselves known. We visit the race tracks and our favorite trainers to find quality horses for resale. We save you the time and trouble of locating a horse and learning how to buy horses off the race track.

Buying a horse directly off the track is a gamble. The horse can be vetted out but you still do not know if he has the mind or talent for what you want to do. But, if you have the ability, and are willing to put in the time, one of these horses might be right for you. We will have the horse vetted to your specifications - complete with x-rays if you desire - and we will get the horse off-the-track and to our farm in Canton (Atlanta), Georgia. The vet and shipping costs are in addition to the price of the horse.

Once the horse is away from the track his price goes up.

May Prospect Horses

One horse left. The chestnut has found a home and the grey has returned to racing.

May Prospect One - Returned to the track to race.

May Prospect Two - SOLD!

May Prospect Three - Still available.

Bay gelding

Four year old 16.1+ bay gelding. He is currently racing. He finished fourth on May 11th.

Prospect 2
March Prospect 2

This is seven year old gelding has been away from racing for a few months and has been ridden and worked in an arena. He is about 16.2 hands, a good mover with no bad habits and very quiet. He is very affordably priced. This horse is in Kentucky and may be picked up next week if we have someone interested in him. Call soon!

Prospect Horse in Ohio

Prospect horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Thorobred for sale

This beautiful Thoroughbred gelding is located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. He is available now directly from the trainer at a very low price. Please call us to discuss him. He has just finished his racing season and the trainer wants to cut down on the number of horses she is keeping over the winter. He is 16.2 and he is six years old.

Call us for this trainer's phone number. She is interested in placing him in a good home before racing begins again in April. He is very afforable and a truely beautiful horse.

Thoroughbreds for sale

Call Elizabeth Wood to discuss getting a prospect horse. If you would rather not buy direct off the track, watch our horses for sale page for horses we have trained. We know their personalities and talents.

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