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January 29, 2005

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Training notes from elizabeth
Updated February 7, 2005

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$10,000 REWARD

Dr. Jennifer Dunlap and Wiseguy's Out.

Dr. Jennifer Dunlap and Wiseguy's Out.


Wiseguy's Out and his new mom.

Wiseguy's Out and his new mom.



Wiseguy's Out and CurtisAnn

Wiseguy's Out and our official greeter cat - CurtisAnn.


Tara Healy and Era of Chanago

Era of Chanago and his new mom Tara Healy of South Carolina.




Ice coats the mounting block

Ice coated the mounting block but that did not stop our visitor from Virginia from riding.




Sydney and Zulu

Sydney and Zulu enjoyed the snow and ice.




Lucky and Jennifer during the ice storm.

Lucky and Jennifer braved the ice storm.


Lucky and Jennifer riding in the ice storm.

Lucky and Jennifer riding in the ice storm. Notice Lucky's "custom made" duct tape boots to keep the ice from balling up in his feet.



Lucky and Jennifer

Lucky and Jennifer




Lucky and Jennifer Lind riding in an ice storm.

Being from Virginia, Jennifer didn't let a little ice storm ruin her visit to Bits & Bytes Farm.




Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm on the Web. Take a virtual tour of the farm and see the beautiful thoroughbreds we have for sale. Follow their training and learn how we bring them from racetrack to a new career in the show ring, fox hunting or eventing.

SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! - A Trifecta

Last weekend was a busy one at Bits & Bytes Farm. We had visitors from Tennessee and South Carolina. Our Tennessee visitor was Dr. Jennifer Dunlap, an equine surgeon from Memphis. Jennifer brought her mother, Becky, and her sister, Lauren, with her to look for a new horse.

Tara and Era of Chanago during the vet check.  

In speaking with Jennifer before her visit, we learned that she has all the latest tools such as digital x-rays and a state-of-the art ultrasound machine. Knowing that Tara was coming back for a third ride, on Era of Chanago, we put her in touch with Dr. Dunlap. Dr. Dunlap graciously agreed to do a pre-purchase exam on Era of Chanago for Tara.

Tara played vet tech and donned the lead apron to do digital x-rays on Chanago. They were beautiful clean x-rays and clean joints too.

Digital x-rays give immediate results.
Tara and Jennifer got immediate results of the x-rays with Dr. Dunlap's digital x-ray equipment.

Dr. Dunlap rode Darcy and Wiseguy's Out but fell in love with Wiseguy's personality and movement. After an extensive vet check and a full set of x-rays, Wiseguy earned himself a new mom. Wiseguy's will be staying at Bits & Bytes Farm for training with Dr. Dunlap's sister, Lauren Dunlap, who is an Intermediate Level event rider. We welcome Lauren to the farm as a new "Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm". We now have two "Friends" who are lawyers and we joked about starting our own law firm specializing in equine and technology businesses.

Wiseguy's Out and Lauren Dunlap
Lauren Dunlap will continue training her sister's horse at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Our third sale last weekend was to a friend from Asheville, North Carolina. Christy Tucker (also a friend of Gloria Coleman- mom of former Bits & Bytes horse for sale - Fame for a Day) was quick to jump on our January Prospect horse Steffie's Hope.

Steffie's Hope and new mom Christy Tucker of Ashville, NC
Christy came and visited us this summer and was here to see our Bareback Challenge event. We assisted Christy in buying this horse directly from the trainer. Congratulations Christy! She was smart enough to act fast when she saw this beautiful girl appear on our Prospects' page.

Winter Arrives at Bits & Bytes Farm

This weekend we hosted Jennifer Lind from Richmond, Virginia. She was lucky enough to sneak in before the bad weather hit. Jennifer got one good ride in Friday night on Lucky. She did some jumping and some flat work.

Saturday morning dawned crystal clear with all surfaces coated with about a half an inch of ice. Being from Virginia, this was not a big event for Jennifer -- but it was for most Atlantans. The interstates were closed and the stores cleaned out of bread and milk, but still we ride at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Lucky and Jennifer riding in an ice storm.
Lucky and Jennifer riding in an ice storm.

Barry brought out what we fondly call the "Dirt Zamboni" to rake the arena. Saturday it lived up to its name, smoothing over the ice to make a good surface for riding. Still, we had to tape up Lucky's feet with duct tape to keep the ice from balling up inside his feet. Jennifer was able to do some flat work before the tape wore out and Lucky had to be returned to the barn for a good roll in the shavings.

Barry rode the dirt Zamboni (tractor) to break up the ice.
Barry rode the "Dirt Zamboni" (tractor) to break up the ice so Jennifer could ride.


$10,000 REWARD

UPDATED January 14, 2005

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There has been a possible sighting of the truck on Hwy 27 in Colquitt, GA, December 18 or 19th. It was seen at a local Hardy's Restaurant. If you were in the area and saw this truck and horse trailer please let us know.

Watch your local horse auctions PLEASE!!!!

$10,000 REWARD

Two mares, a truck and a trailer have been stolen!
Click here for details.


One suspect lives in
Cross City in Dixie County in North Florida.
One more reason to keep an eye out in Georgia!!

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