Updated June 29, 2005

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Training Notes from elizabeth - June 13, 2005

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We have two new horses!

Missilery at the track. - June Prospect Horse Six.

Shannon meets Missilery for the first time, at the track. He was our former June Prospect Horse Six.




Missilery was the June Prospect Horse Six.

June Prospect Horse Six has been SOLD!


This is from Shannon . . .

I stayed out at the barn all day. Missilery is doing great. I walked him around this morning to stretch his legs and I let him out in a paddock. He's doing great. I just love him! When we got back tonight we tacked him up and bridled him and lunged him in the round pen. He was awesome! He knew exactly what to do which totally surprised Jennie and me. I don't have a single complaint or worry. He seems to be settling in a lot better than we expected. I got on him and walked him around the ring and he was perfect! Then we trotted. He has a very smooth comfortable trot and amazing movement. Jennie even got on him and loved him too! He was great! Thanks so much for finding him for me, we all love him and so does everybody else at our
barn! Well thanks again. :)

- Shannon and Missilery




















Mary & Shannon Darby with Barry on our buying trip to Lexington, KY.

Mary & Shannon Darby with Barry on our buying trip to Lexington, KY.











Our newest chestnut Thoroughbred horse for sale is already learning to jump. See more photos of him at our farm.


New July Prospect Horses listed. - July 1, 2005.

Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm on the Web. Take a virtual tour of the farm and see the beautiful thoroughbreds we have for sale. Follow their training and learn how we bring them from racetrack to a new career in the show ring, fox hunting or eventing.

Back to the Track - June Trip Two

We did a second trip last week (June 24 - 25) to the race track to pick up two horses. One was our June Prospect Horse Six. We also picked up another new horse to have for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm. This time it was a 16 hand four-year-old bay gelding by the name of Snowdance Kid. Watch for his page soon.

Snowdance Kid is a Thoroughbred Horse For Sale at Bits & Bytes Farm.  - June 25, 2005
Snowdance Kid is a Thoroughbred Horse For Sale at Bits & Bytes Farm. - June 25, 2005

When we knew we would be returning to the track, we let the out word again that we would be going. The e-mails and phone calls started pouring in. People are catching on to a good thing. These horses at the track are gorgeous and kind - and affordable. All they need is a special person to help them learn a new career.

June Prospect Horse Six was Missilery.
June Prospect Horse Six was Missilery. He was quickly sold to Shannon Darby.

Shannon Darby was first to call on June Prospect Horse Six . Shannon loved the photos and a phone call confirmed that he had the temperament and soundness for a career in eventing. Shannon and her Mom, Mary, decided to come along for the ride to the track to pick up their new purchase.

We left early on Friday and drove to Kentucky where we visited a farm with several horses for sale. BIG is the only way to describe these horses. Elizabeth was able to ride two of them and found them to be quiet and easy to ride. Both horses have been away from the track and turned out on the blue grass of Kentucky, so both were rather - stout! We are offering one of them as our July Prospect Horse One. Watch the Prospect Page for more July Prospects soon.

Nine year-old 17.1 hand bay gelding for sale.
Elizabeth takes a test ride at the farm in Kentucky on a 17.1 hand July Prospect Horse One.

July Prospect One - 17.1 hand nine year-old bay gelding.
17.1 hand July Prospect Horse One. Call ASAP if you like them big!

We also did a side trip by the Kentucky Horse Park, in Lexington, KY to show our guests the beautiful equine facility. Saturday was another day of prospecting at the track. Watch for our July Prospect Horses' photos soon.

Barry and our guests Mary and Shannon Darby in front of our 4 Star horse trailer at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.

We are still trying to get caught up from our last trip and it looks like we may be doing another one this weekend. Call if you want us to bring home anything. July Prospect One is ready to go!

Elizabeth and "Val"
Elizabeth and "Val" (picked up on our first June trip to the track) on their first ride. - June 25, 2005

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