March 14, 2004

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Lucky learns to drink from a stream.




Trey and Lucky

Lucky and all the horses stood quietly while tied to the trailer as we tacked up.


Trey and Mandy

Mandy didn't want to gallop Trey through the water at first, but she got the hang of it and then we couldn't get her out of the mud.



Brewster and Lise

Brewster and Lise show the "proper" way to go through a puddle and still keep clean!



Lucky and Sir Cahill on the trails.

Lucky was our tripod for the day with occasional support by Brewster.

Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


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Bits & Bytes Farm trail ride

One of the ways we train our horses is to take them away from the farm on short trips to different locations. This teaches them to load and unload onto the trailer and adjust to new surroundings. This weekend we took a trail ride at a nearby wildlife management area.

Trail ride
From left to right: Lucky (Elizabeth), Trey (Mandy), Broadway Joe (Rachael) and Sir Cahill (Barry). Photo by Lise Matt with tripod services provided by Brewster.

4-Star trailer
Lucky at least got the window seat.

Our four-horse 4-Star trailer was converted to a five-horse trailer when we made Lucky "Monkey in the Middle" for the short trip to our trail ride. All the horses loaded well and we were off. We arrived at the site and unloaded the horses to tack them up. They all stood quietly tied to the side of the trailer as we got ourselves ready.

Trail ride

The day was gorgeous and the horses were well behaved. Sir Cahill and Brewster never missed a chance to get a mouthful of grass. Sir Cahill had to be taught what a stream was and soon was crossing with the others. Lucky did not need to be taught about streams, he was the brave one who lead everyone into the stream and then he would stop to enjoy a quick drink. This was an unexpected surprise as he has only been on our trails with our little stream. A fun time was had by all!

Rachael and Mandy
Rachael (Broadway Joe) and Mandy (Trey) practice getting their horses into a large stream.

Brew This
Lise and Brewster take a break.


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