March 21, 2004

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The road leads through a shallow stream. Darcy was our tripod for the day.



Fort Mason and Lise

Fort Mason gave Lise a soaking with his splashing while Barry and Brewster watched the fun.



Trey and Lucky

Darcy decides to join in on the splashing while Elizabeth attempts to keep the camera dry.



Later onRiver crossing

At another water crossing, Fort Mason leads the way across the river. He was in up to his chest. Lise had to raise her feet to keep dry.

River crossing with OTTTBS

Notice Barry on Brewster. Brewster is over 17 hands and look how deep he is in the water compared to the photo above this one.



Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm on the Web. Take a virtual tour of the farm and see the beautiful thoroughbreds we have for sale. Follow their training and learn how we bring them from racetrack to a new career in the show ring, fox hunting or eventing.

Bits & Bytes Farm trail ride (part two) the ride continues

This weekend we were off to Dawson Forest in Dawsonville, GA. We expand on our horses' training by taking them away from home on short trips. They learn to adjust to different surroundings as they are exposed to new experiences.

This week we took Brewster, Fort Mason, Darcy and Broadway Joe. They all loved the ride - especially the "water obstacles". We started out crossing over a wooden bridge with floor boards spread apart enough that you could see down the twenty or so feet to the river below. The horses were fine, but the hollow sound of the horses hooves on the wooden bridge, was enough to spook the riders as they looked over the low board sides of the bridge.

OTTTBs enjoy trail riding and fox hunting. From left to right: Barry and Brewster, Lise and Fort Mason, Rachael and Broadway Joe.

Barry rode his fox hunter Brewster who is just turning four. He was very good on the trails and walked confidently through the water including the rushing river. Lise rode her favorite boy, Fort Mason. He is what we call a "war horse" - a horse that has raced more than fifty times. Fort Mason ran ninety six races before he bowed a tendon and was donated to New Vocations. That's where Elizabeth found him thanks to Linda Ross and Dot Morgan back in November 2000.

ex race horses enjoy trail riding to prepare for fox hunting and eventing.
From left to right: Barry and Brewster, Lise and Fort Mason, Rachael and Broadway Joe.

Linda suggested Elizabeth take on a rescue horse when she could not find a suitable Thoroughbred for fox hunting anywhere in Georgia. Dot Morgan, the director of New Vocations, recommended Fort Mason and thought that his bowed tendon would heal fine and it did! Fort Mason loves to trail ride, fox hunt and do hunter paces including the jumps at the fastest pace. Horses can be brought back from racetrack injuries with the proper care and Fort Mason, with his loving personality, proves that it is worth the time to let them heal.

Broadway Joe in the water.
Broadway Joe and Rachael enjoy a shower together.

Rachael rode her boy Broadway Joe. He was the bravest (and prettiest - according to Rachael's mom June) of the bunch. He was also the one who enjoyed the water the most - even splashing with his rear legs in the water.

4-Star trailer
Wet and lovin' it.

Broadway Joe and Rachael will have no trouble on x-country courses with water obstacles. Broadway Joe retired from racing to Bits & Bytes Farm in November 2002. Rachael purchased him in September 2003 and boards him at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Update on Irish and Lord Sexton!

Irish and Dr. Mom
Irish and his mom Rachel in the California sunshine.

Our boys are doing great in California. Irish and Gabrielle (formally known as Lord Sexton) are enjoying the good life on an alfalfa farm. Irish and his mom Dr. Rachel Black have been in training to prepare for Irish's first horse show in April. We look forward to more photos now that Rachel has a new digital camera.


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