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Amanda Moyer is Light Artillery's new mom. November 14, 2006

Amanda Moyer is Light Artillery's new mom. November 14, 2006

Light Artillery and Amanda. OTTBs make great trail riding horses.

Light Artillery and Amanda. OTTBs make great trail riding horses.

Light Artillery and Amanda Moyer - October 29, 2006

Light Artillery and Amanda Moyer - October 29, 2006



Kriston Glushko was Light Artillery's first mom.

Kriston Glushko was Light Artillery's first mom. July 2005


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December 19, 2006

I have now sent you four e-mails that were returned bc my e-mail server has been messed up! I don't know if I can re-write all the stories, because the stories were long like the previous ones. Just note that there's always something making me laugh or filling my heart when it comes to Arty. Don't think the thrill of my new horse has began to fade. I LOVE MY HORSE!!!


Over the past nine days we've gone out riding seven! Ahh this is the life! Christmas break is wonderful! I get compliments on him every time someone sees us. Our bond and relationship is growing quickly. Arty is truly a party! With the big dogs we joke that they are horses, but Arty should be a puppy! He craves so much attention, and has such personality.

The farrier is coming Friday. Maybe he will be able to help Reba's feet out some. She is very flat footed. Arty has held his shoes well and seems to have good feet, despite my farrier's TB especially OTTB comments! He knows his stuff though.

Guess what?!? I was eating in a restaurant, and Bits & Bytes came into the conversation and most of the horse people had at least viewed your site or heard good about it! Just thought that might make your day, from way down here!

Light Artillery and Amanda. OTTBs make great trail riding horses.
Arty and Amanda on the left enjoying a trail ride.

Arty is so wonderful! I love his attitude, he is Mr. Biggedy! When we come to a jump across the trail he loves to show off his skills. I like having my Porsche horse! Deer, quail, big vehicles, nothing other than cows have really phased the big guy! When ever he gets a little uneasy I like how he reacts. He doesn't bolt or get unruly, instead listens even more to me. He halts not bolts, that's the best. We have covered so many miles of trails.

I can't remember everything to rewrite, but I enjoy riding him so much! I got him at a wonderful time, with Reba being on stall rest since the same week I got Arty. I like walking outside because I have a red shadow, my shadow always has an eye on me. I think he has an "Amanda radar" installed. ha ha.

Arty and his new family.
Arty hiding in the middle of his new family.

He is the boss around all the other animals, but is never aggressive. This morning I had to go out early to feed because I work over an hour from my house, and was scheduled to be at work by 6 A.M. so I fed earlier than usual, and caught Arty snoozing. All three of the horses were nestled up in some hay. I took a few minutes to scratch his neck and rub his face. He laid there contently. He's such a baby! I trust him too! When there is something scary I can feel his heart beat through the saddle! Him getting this nervous, makes me appreciate even more that he turns to me for guiding in these situations.

Arty enjoys a good rest.

This was very randomly written, but it's been a long day, so what better way to end it than leaving work now, driving home, and being greeted by ARTY! He makes my day every day!

Thanks for everyone who had a part in making him who, and what, he is for me!!!


PS. Thanks so much for all the info for my project!!! You are a woman of very broad spectrum of knowledge!

Elizabeth's Note: Amanda was doing a school project on the slaughter of horses in America for human consumption in the rest of the world.

November 26, 2006

Light Artillery makes himself right at home on the front porch.
Light Artillery makes himself right at home on the front porch on Thanksgiving Day. Wait till he learns to ring the doorbell! Amanda will never get any rest!

Good morning!

I have been meaning to write up everything we talked about when I called you. I wanted it posted on the website so I could brag on the big boy!

In my last e-mail I think I talked about the scary cows. Also that we were going over to see more cows and hear metal chutes and pounding horse hooves. All of this went absolutely wonderful! I couldn't have expected any better from Arty!

These cows didn't phase him a bit. He actually wanted to trail behind them across the pen. His curiosity and boldness overran his unsureness. The metal chute didn't cause any surprises either, until about the second turn out with the horses running out. Arty was content doing his big airy walk in circles until he realized he didn't need to work. Then all was well and I sat on him. We then moved to the end of the pen where the cow and horses would be running towards us. This surprisingly was even easier just to watch. Maybe he felt he was already ahead of them. Between rounds we W/T in the pen with other horses warming up and cooling down no problem. Horses pass very closely in the pen. One time he pinned his ears, but that was it. All of this was Thursday.

Saturday I went trail rising with some friends. We went slowly about everything still trying to avoid any glitches on the ride. Well about an hour into it, they went for a Holding Arty was no problem. Once they got out of sight though he showed why he is orange. He was a ball of fire. He did the most spectacular collected canter ever! I wouldn't let him fly so we floated all the way up to the other riders. He never had bad attitude. He gave me two small bucks, but after that he figured I was staying on and he might as well listen. He is very smart.

Sunday afternoon my best friend Shaila, her sister Erin, and Matt came up to the house. We went trail riding. My mare had sprained her ankle and was on stall rest so we only had Gambler and Arty. Gambler is a really fun appy go lucky QH. Shaila was going to ride for a while then Erin was going to come on the four wheeler and switch four wheeler for a four hoofer. Big hearted Arty was slightly hesitant to leave he pretty little blonde Reba, but did with no problems. We rode up and down hills, crossed creeks, walked over pond damns and saw quail fly up. Through a thick plowed field he worked in a good walk over the terraces. It was beautiful weather, not a cloud in the sky. It was later afternoon towards the end of the ride so the setting amber sun shone upon the horses making their tails look like flames and their chestnut color show so nicely. To get to another big open field we had to go through some pine trees and little briers. Poor Arty was trailing Gambler until little pricklies snagged his legs. I felt so bad because he just stopped like, "Ouch Mom" that I got off and lead him through them to catch back up with Gambler.Then there was a large bank to climb through the trees to the field.

Arty walking up a hill is a feeling like no other. His ears were up and body stretched. In the next field there were large peanut hay rolls. This by the way serve as wonderful head and neck scratchers. At first sight Arty wanted to eyeball them a bit, but the whole time Mr. Macho was walking towards them, then after one sniff...grab...he garbed a big bite to munch on! He literally makes me laugh out loud with the things he does.

This field is huge! Huge like you don't see the other end huge. Soft, soft dirt, open area, plenty of stopping room, I let Arty feel his oats a bit in the cool weather. He opened up into a canter. He stayed in this canter very easily, never tried to speed or slow until asked. Then we broke into a nice trot then walk and turned around to see Gambler making his away across. I had asked for them to stay back since this was out first open canter, but they were way back, Arty's stride must have really made the distance. I was absolutely beaming, so was Arty. I said I love my horse so much! We rode back through some more woods then the girls switched. No motor startles Arty, nothing other than the weird spotted cows have really made me anxious. He seems so seasoned to have raced almost with in a years time.

Yoo-de-lei-hee-whooo! Arty went western! Yes, the saddle with the funny thing sticking up. I put the lightest western I had on him. Truly I believe he preferred western. There wasn't a single buck, maybe my weight was better positioned or spread, and my seat may have been better. Lance went with me on this ride. Arty looked so spiffy! He knew it too. We jumped a down tree and walked to shallow edge of a pond. Lance took the camera, just a cheap disposable, but hopefully they'll be okay enough to send you. Reba needs a new saddle now, because Arty has taken hers! With Reba being on stall rest and being the only girl the guys don't like leaving her alone. A good bit of the time they are right by the barn or on the back side where they can sniff each other. The rest they aren't far grazing.

Every evening when I get home, the dogs great me in the driveway and the horses make their way to the fence along the drive by the gate. I now keep peppermints in my truck. When I shut the gate they go tearing through the pasture up to where I park. I have these real dogs trying to say hi, then more big dogs stretching over the fence for a rub and treat! I am always so happy to get home and be greeted so warmly. Such a greeting makes any day all better.

LIght Artillery and the dogs.

Someone's in the feed room with Amanda...

At feeding time I have a helper in the barn. He is tall, red, and handsome! Wonder who...Aty! I am sorta rewarding bad behavior, but the feed room is always locked and feed separately stowed away, so I let him nibble while I prepare the meal. I put a bucket just for him just in inside the door. He snacks and samples about two handfuls on straight sweet feed. Since he's the baby he can have desert before eating the rest.

Arty loads in the trailer so easily now. He seems very happy. Yesterday you needed sunglasses to look at him. All the horses when all shined up. Cowboy magic and Show Sheen and brushing and some Bio Silk they were all good lookin'!

Thanksgiving I opened up the gate so the horses could munch on the grass in the yard too. Well a few hours later there was a horse right by the rocking chairs. Arty just made himself at home. I could pet him from the porch! He is such an attention ham! Shaila and I have a ride scheduled for tomorrow morning!


November 18, 2006

Good morning!
Arty seemed fairly settled in and by yesterday evening I absolutely couldn't wait any longer. I gave him a few frosted shredded wheats (Reba's favorite) and a peppermint and brushed him. Lance led me around on him in the pasture for a while and let Arty munch on the tender rye grass. After doing this for a while I tacked up and rode around a bit in the pasture.

OTTB - Light Artillery with mom Amanda and her friend Shaila- November 14, 2006
Light Artillery with mom Amanda and her friend Shaila- November 14, 2006

After W/T and stopping easily went down the road with Lance following me. It was a wonderful time. We floated past large tractors harvesting the last crops left, some normal Angus cows, two four wheelers, and one truck and trailer. On down the road I had a small kid RUN inside to tell Mommy there was a big horse outside! - then wave me out of sight.

Arty ate this up!

His ears were perked and stride relaxed but with long gliding strides. About 1 1/2 miles from the house Arty catches wind of something...but all is good he's Mr. we walk a bit more then I decide to get off and walk him the next bit. (Boone, Willow, and Moose all OTTB my Aunt had could all literally prance on tree tops around cows or hogs). Since this is our first true outing I wanted to take full precautions.

Arty stayed aware, but calm...then there was a wave of spotted mutated horses flowing at him.(Holstein cows)WHOA! He stopped in his tracks, snorted and took in the sights. He was very good - didn't bolt. He just didn't get why they neighed MOOOO and smelled funny! This experience was completely new, and he keep the most level head as could be expected.

We walked a bit more---sideways for even though they weren't gonna get him, he still wasn't going to turn his back on those ...things. Once he faced this fear I lead him towards home until over the hill from the cows, then got back on and had a very pleasant ride home.

Arty is very smart. He has already learned that a whistle and his name while walking towards the barn means...FOOD! This morning we meet halfway to the barn and he trailed me the rest. I am transitioning his food to XTN feed and all the other additives still given, just in replacement on the Buckeye Feed.

L.B. my curious young puppy has been around horses, but never hurt by one. She is completely innocent from knowing a kick. Efforts to keep her away only heightened her interest so we let L.B. and Arty meet. She sniffed his tail, his face as he grazed, all four hooves, not once did Arty show any aggression to her. Maybe his disposition helped, but I think all socialization provided at Bits and Bytes greatly helped.

This afternoon Arty gets yet another new encounter. He is taking in all this new stuff very well. He is going over to Lance's dad's house where there is a roping arena. Yes...more cows. And lots of action of chutes, horses, voices, and ropes. There is a nice pasture on one side of the arena, so we will watch from there and accordingly to his reactions move closer. There will be very calm and comfortable horses out there for moral support. :} AND he can hide behind Mama again.

I will write to tell about this soon. As for now I think he needs more petting, I am headed outside now!

November 15, 2006

Light Artillery has a new mom. Congratulations to Amanda Moyer! - November 14, 2006
Light Artillery has a new mom. Congratulations to Amanda Moyer! - November 14, 2006

Good morning!

Arty is great this morning. It was foggy and he was a shadow in the horizon. Arty had his morning peppermints (had to pick a bag up on the way home!) and feed. I have seen him drink a few times and he trotted the perimeter of the pasture. All seemed well when I left for class this morning. I have class from 8-11 it is dragging... I can't wait to get back and see him again!

I'll send an update soon. Let me tell you though there were some mutated horse eating monsters mooing somewhere through the woods. (dairy farm down the road) I liked it though because he wanted to walk very closely to me for protection. :}
Have a great day!

P.S. You already added new pics to the site!! Yeah...I've been braggin' all morning and showing off the picts on your website!


OTTB - Light Artillerywith Amanda and Lance. - November 14, 2006
Light Artillerywith Amanda and Lance. - November 14, 2006

UPDATE: November 14, 2006

Kriston needed to find a new home for Light Artillery and asked us to help her. He was purchased by Amanda Moyer of Bainbridge, GA.

Light Artillery and Amanda Moyer - October 29, 2006
Light Artillery and Amanda Moyer - October 29, 2006

Light Artillery and Amanda Moyer - October 29, 2006
Light Artillery and Amanda Moyer - October 29, 2006

Light Artillery and Amanda Moyer - October 29, 2006
Light Artillery and Amanda Moyer - October 29, 2006

December 2005

Light Artillery in his Christmas outfit.
Light Artillery in his Christmas outfit.

Hi Elizabeth,

I know this is a long time coming but better late than never! Artie wants me to apologize for getting you his photo so late. He's been dying to put on his Holiday outfit and was getting a little impatient while I assembled it. Doesn't he look handsome? I thought the bells might be a bit much but they didn't faze him.

I can't begin to tell you how much I love having him here. When I come out of the house in the morning he pokes his head out of his stall and "tells" me that he's ready for breakfast. The boy loves his groceries! Of course, his favorite cookie is a "Stud Muffin". A gelding can dream...

He gets along well with his pasture mates and, in spite of his size, is at the bottom of the herd. I can tell when my mare has picked on him because he'll come hide behind me if I come into the pasture.

Anyway, we've started lessons with a gal that knows and appreciates thoroughbreds and all of their sensitivity. He's doing well and I'm looking forward to seeing his true potential. His quiet demeanor has really impressed me since I thought I was a dyed in the wool Quarter Horse person. I only wish that I had found him sooner!

Happy Holidays from me and Light Artillery,


October 2005

Light Artillery and Kriston in full military gear for our Halloween Costume party.
Light Artillery and Kriston in full military gear for our Halloween Costume party.

We were happy that Light Artillery and Kriston join us for our Halloween Costume party.

September 2005

Light Artillery grazing on the front lawn.


Couldn't remember if I had sent you these pics or not. The boy was grazing in our front yard in these shots. Second pic is from my bedroom window so it's not so clear. That's his "marefriend", Colleen. It's kind of a love hate relationship. She loves him when she's in heat. Typical!

Light Artillery with  Colleen on the left.
Light Artillery with Colleen on the left.

Looking for an instructor on my side of town so you should get an update soon.

July 2005

Light Artillery was purchased by Kriston Glushko in July 2005.
Light Artillery was purchased by Kriston Glushko in July 2005.


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