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Congratulations to Carol Quinter of Minster, Ohio on the purchase of Daring Deeds.

Congratulations to Carol Quinter of Minster, Ohio on the purchase of Daring Deeds. Carol has recently sold Daring Deeds.


Daring Deeds - July 5, 2005

Daring Deeds at Bits & Bytes Farm - July 5, 2005






Daring Deeds - March 14, 2005

Daring Deeds has found a new career!









Daring Deeds last photo at the track. February 17, 2005

Daring Deeds last photo at the track. February 17, 2005


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Daring Deeds

March 19, 2006

Daring Deeds is an OTTB who now fox hunts.
Daring Deeds has a third career as a fox hunter . . .and its Daring Deeds in the lead with his new mom - professional kennels-man and the first whip for Miami Valley Hun - Samantha Terry.

Hi Elizabeth,

This is not a very good picture of Deeds on his first hunt. He is the one in front. It was so wet and windy that day -- but he was wonderful. He is going to be an excellent horse for hunting, once he gets use to the hunt whip. He will become my first horse for whipping. I’m the first whip and also hunt the hounds on occasions. I just know in my heart Deeds has come home to stay. He has a new friend called Beau (15.1 quarter horse) who is also new to the hunt field. They never fight or bully each other in the paddock. But Deeds is the boss.


March 12, 2006


I thought I would tell you that Deeds when on his first hunt yesterday. He was wonderful. He is very nervous of the hunt whip even just carrying it upset him but we will work on that. He is just a darling horse. I will send you some pictures of him.


We look forward to current photos of Daring Deeds in the hunt field with his new mom Samantha. Thank you for taking good care of a very special horse!

February 28, 2006

Daring Deeds has been sold for the second time and he will be riding with the Miami Valley Hounds.

Hello Elizabeth,

My name is Samantha Terry from Urbana Ohio. I just Brought Daring Deeds and picked him up yesterday. He is a wonderful horse. Nothing upsets him including my small flock of sheep that living in my barn. I am the professional kennels-man for Miami Valley Hunt and the first whip. I hope to use Deeds this summer roading the hounds. Hope he will enjoy this! Thank you all for doing a wonderful job re-training him.

Samantha Terry

Looking for the way to the back pasture! - September 11, 2005
Looking for the way to the back pasture! - September 11, 2005

October 2005


Deeds is doing great and he is the most rock solid horse I have. I can tell you honestly my experience with him has made me committed to look at a rescued TB prior to making any future purchase. I have changed his feed program a bit, and am still exploring the right combination of supplements.

My biggest challenge with him is getting my leg up--he is quite a hike up! I really think he loves his new home and has settled in totally with our program. I adore him and have not really turned him over to Annette yet. We will see. I will be riding him in a clinic in November and my goal is to having him really going at training level and show him in the spring.

How are things in your world? I will get you some pictures from the clinic in November.

Thanks for asking about us.

September 19, 2005

We are doing great here.  I am afraid I am going to have a very hard time handing Deeds' reins over to Annette. He is really such a joy to have around. 

He has so many wonderful ground attributes.  I bathe him ground tied (sorry if I have already told you that!)  What a character.  First horse I have ever owned that loves his face sprayed.  He reaches down to guide my hand up to spray him in the face.

 It is storming today but tomorrow I want to take some pictures of him for Cherie.  His neck flexion is amazing and I want her to see him.  She comes in another week and I will get pix of him working.  I will send some to you.  I am having him seen tomorrow by a farrier who only does corrective shoeing for my vet. I just want to see whether any special shoeing will help him in any way.  This guy does a lot of work for professionals in the area.  The vet and he work hand in hand.  He really helped a horse I had with a suspensory injury some time ago.  He lost a shoe anyway so it is a good opportunity. 

If you ever run across a female Mr. Deeds, let me know.  I might be interested as I do some sport horse breeding.  Thoroughbreds always are a great foundation for crosses which do so well especially in dressage. 

I will stay in touch.  Hope all is well there. 

Thanks again. 


September 11, 2005

OTTB Daring Deeds at his new home.
Daring Deeds at his new home in Minster, Ohio - September 11, 2005


Deeds is doing just great.  He is a pleasure to have around and work around.  He has totally adjusted.  I have him turned out with the whole herd now and he has the run of the place.  He is usually in in the mornings and I have not turned him out in the whole pasture over night yet.  I want to make sure he knows where all the fences are.  I turn him out at night in the round pen with my yearling.  They get along just fine.

Heading to the back pasture with my new buddies. - September 11, 2005
Heading to the back pasture with my new buddies. Daring Deeds is on the right. - September 11, 2005

We have been doing some fun ground stuff and he seems to take to it very quickly.  He just never seems to get his feathers ruffled.  He follows me all over the pasture which is really fun.  I sent you a few pictures--they aren't great but at least you can see him in his new surroundings.  I will keep in touch.  Hope all is well with you there. Hopefully, it will cool toward the end of the week. 


September 7, 2005 - Daring Deeds meets his new mom!

Daring Deeds was delivered to his new mom in Minster, Ohio. Congratulations to Carol Quinter on the purchase of Daring Deeds! Daring Deeds will begin his new dressage career with the help of his new trainer Cherie.

Daring Deeds with his new mom Carol Quinter and trainer Cherie looking on. - September 7, 2005
Daring Deeds with his new mom Carol Quinter and trainer Cherie looking on. - September 7, 2005

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