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Thoroughbred horse for sale - "Moe".

"Moe" returns to the stables after his last race. He is enjoying life as a sport horse and he will never look back to racing.

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Moe Dandy aka "Rory"

Moe Dandy has found his special girl!
Moe Dandy has found his special girl and her mom, too! Congratulations to Laura and Leslie Durham-Dixon.

February 13, 2007

I wanted to give you an update on Rory. He is settling in; the other horses are gradually being nicer to him. He is still a little nervous but gets less so every day. Every time Leslie or I go out there, he comes right up for a little reassurance. He's still a little jumpy with hand movements near his head, but he's starting to understand that our hands are going to stroke and be gentle. Leslie rode him in the round pen the other day, and he did great.


January 27, 2007

Hi Elizabeth and Barry,
I just wanted to let you know that Moe (new name is Rory, which means "red") is doing fine. He very much wants to get out in the pasture with the other horses, but it's still a little too exciting. He's been in our stall/paddock at night and in our round pen, which is out in the field where the others can come say hello, during the day.

Congratulations to Laura and Leslie Durham-Dixon.
Moe's expression shows the surprise of getting TWO new moms!

I love the picture you took of him and his "two moms". What an adorable expression! I also wanted to tell you that we took Pooky and Leslie's original TB mare to the Horse Park today. Phillip (Artic Vic) and Jennifer went, too. There are really nice big fields and wide grassy trails there, so we let them run.

I've never been on a horse going that fast before. I had a tiny taste of what being a jockey must be like (I'll leave it to them). Before today, Leslie had wondered how Pooky ever won any races because she is SO laid back, but after today's outing, she said she understood. Even as Pooky was having her flashback to her days at the track, she was really, really good.

- Laura

Moe Dandy was a Propsect Horse for Sale in January 2007

Here was "Moe's" Prospect Horse for Sale photo. Click here to see more photos of "Moe" at the track. This is the fourth horse that Laura Durham-Dixon has purchased right off-the-track with the help of Bits & Bytes Farm.

"Moe" is a 6 yr old gelding, 16hh. He is very kind and gentle and easy to ride.

"Moe" returns from his last race.

"Moe" returns from his last race.


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