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Strawboy at home in North Carolina. Ocotber 2005

Strawboy at home in North Carolina. Ocotber 2005


"Very interesting info re Gloria Coleman (Fame for a Day). Checked with Carmen who knows everyone in the roaring metropolis of Andrews, NC (population 1500 or so), and, guess what, she went to school with Gloria's dad Jerry Breedlove and she also knows Gloria's mom. A very small world indeed! "

Harry - January 2005



Harry and Straw Boy. January 2005

Harry and Straw Boy. January 2005




Harry and Straw Boy. January 2005

Harry and Straw Boy. January 2005


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October 2005 -At Home with Straw Boy

Harry Moore, Strawby and Gloria Coleman at Harry's farm in North Carolina. October 2005
We like to keep in touch with the people who buy our horses. Sometimes they even like to stay in touch with each other. The Bits & Bytes Farm extended family includes buyers and "Friends". Gloria Coleman who purchased Fame for a Day was in Anderson, North Carolina to visit her family and she took the chance to stop by and meet Harry and Carmen Moore - owners of Straw Boy.

Straw Boy and friends. October 2005
Straw Boy and friends at Hawk Hill Farm in Andrews, NC. October 2005

Dear Elizabeth & Barry,

I hope that you both are doing well!  Marc and I are considering coming down for the Bits and Bytes Farm "Halloween Bash" this weekend (it looks like such fun).  We will let you know by Wednesday.  I have been so excited to send you this e-mail because I have a pleasant surprise for you both. 

This weekend, Marc and I went to visit our families in our home town of Andrews, N.C. and we stopped in at the most exquisite Hawk Hill Farm owned by Harry and Carmen Moore (a.k.a Straw Boy's parents)! 

As we pulled in the driveway, Harry was working diligently on his tractor.  Marc and I introduced ourselves and he greeted us with open arms!  Harry was gracious enough to take the time to show us around his lovely farm and barn (WOW).  It is one of the most beautiful places I have seen! 

Needless to say, Straw Boy is living "The Life".  He has two pasture mates along with lots of large areas to gallop and play.  He is so happy and healthy (yes, he told me to tell you that!!). 

Harry has lots of room to do pretty much whatever he wants to do with his boys and is planning on setting up a cross country course!  I am very excited for Harry and Carmen to be living their dream on the farm with their beautiful horses!  Along with the horses, Harry and Carmen seem so happy! 

Fame is doing AWESOME!  I just love him more and more everyday. 

Lots Of Love,
Gloria, Marc and Fame

January 2005

Hi Elizabeth,

Just wanted to get a short note off to let you know we arrived at Hawk Hill Farm here in NC on Saturday after a nice, quiet drive up. Straw Boy transported wonderfully and, after unloading with a bit of quivering because of all the "new", he began to settle in well. Put him in his own pasture for the remainder of Saturday which made for some fence running on the part of my QH Switz and my 3 year old TB Rushing. After a night
together in the barn, turned them out together on Sunday morning. They seem to be doing very well as "a herd." Straw Boy's still distracted by all the newness, but he's eating well. Another few days and he'll be fully at home, I think.

Thanks to you and Barry for your help. I was pleased that Carmen was able to meet the two of you on Saturday.

That's it for now. I know I'll have questions along the way and will be in touch.



Harry and Carmen Moore with Straw Boy. January 2005

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