Elizabeth Wood
photo by Phil West

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TRAINING NOTES from Elizabeth

Atlanta traffic in Dawson Forest.

Ashley and dad Randy do a double take at the Cadillac driving through the water.


Fort Mason - Thoroughbred horses for sale.

Fort Mason and Lise with Tiger and Norma enjoy the water.

Fort Mason and Tiger





Lucky loves the water.

Lucky loves the water and crossed the river quietly with no hesitation.



Thorougbreds are suited for all disciplines

Big Money AND the camera were fine!









June is our jump crew chief

June is quick to pick up what the riders knocked down. We couldn't have the jumping lessons without her. Thanks June, for all you do.






Captain Arias

Captain Arias is back home at Bits & Bytes Farm.


training notes from elizabeth - march 29, 2004

training> training notes from elizabeth > march 29, 2004

This is the page where Elizabeth and Barry will share training tips and give updates on the horses currently in training at the farm.

Sunday's Training Session - Water Crossings!

Each Sunday the boarders and the "Friends of Bits & Bytes Farm" do a group training lesson. We grab every horse and rider at the farm and work on our grids and jumping with Elizabeth as instructor and June as jump crew. This week we took a break on jumping to work on water obstacles. Who knew that one of those obstacles would be a Cadillac?

It is hard to escape Atlanta traffic even while trail riding.
It is hard to escape Atlanta traffic even while trail riding.

Sir Cahill

Sir Cahill

Two weeks ago Sir Cahill learned to gallop through water on our trail ride. That weekend he crossed a very large stream and then walked up the stream to cross over to the other side.

Cahill has still not been too sure about that wet stuff so his training continued this weekend when we plunged him into the deep water of the Etowah River. Cahill willingly jumped into the water much to the surprise of Barry and Marie (on Darcy). He crowded Darcy as they crossed to the other side while Paula (on Joe Bear) and Gertjan (on Big Money) waited their turn to cross.

River crossing on our horses for sale.
Notice Barry whipping Marie to hurry her across.

Big Money really took the plunge.
Big Money really took the plunge when he slipped on a submerged tree and fell down in the water. Gertjan is still smiling! Wait till he realizes his new digital camera is on the front of the saddle.

Sir Cahill and Fort Mason
Sir Cahill, Fort Mason and Tiger - tripod services by Lucky.


Lucky the tripod
Ten "Friends of Bits & Bytes Farm" enjoyed the beautiful Spring day at Dawson Forest in North Georiga.

Lucky was once again put into service as our tripod for the outing. He was so calm watching everyone getting wet. When it was his turn to go through the river he did so quietly while Elizabeth turned to shoot photos of the riders entering the river behind him.

Bits & Bytes Farm - Thoroughbreds trail riding.

Lucky is one of Elizabeth's favorites. Watch out. He could end up on the "Special Reserve" page!


Bailey wants to be an event horse! Bailey is fearless. He is loving jumping cross-country fences. Bailey is not afraid of deer. One evening this week he was jumping a line of fences in the woods with deer running alongside. Neither he or Captain were worried about the competition from the deer.

Baileysontherocks and Rachael from our Sunday group training session.

Captain Arias

Captain Arias has been schooling our small cross-country fences and chasing deer at the same time. He was not spooked at all by his jumping companions. Captain is available for showing at our farm. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Captain Arias - Thoroughbred for sale.
Lise and Captain Arias




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