Elizabeth Wood
photo by Phil West

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TRAINING NOTES from Elizabeth

Mandy and Trey take the blue

Belated congratulations to Mandy and Trey for their blue ribbons won at the Oxer Farm Schooling show in May. They had the best overall dressage score and a perfect x-country ride to finish in first place. We are very proud of this pair!



Brewster cam captures Grayboo's pleasure.

The Brewster cam captures Grayboo's pleasure. -- photo by Barry Zuber.










Grayboo makes a good tripod as well.

Grayboo made for a good tripod as well so that Elizabeth could capture the action.






Broadway Joe and Rachael cool off in the creek.

Former Bits & Bytes Farm sale horse Broadway Joe and mom Rachael cool off in the creek.



Secret and Marie gallop through the water at Dawson Forest.

Secret and Marie both have grins on their faces.




training notes from elizabeth - july 5, 2004

training> training notes from elizabeth > july 5, 2005

This is the page where Elizabeth and Barry will share training tips and give updates on the horses currently in training at the farm.

Thoroughbreds Celebrate Independence Day Weekend

Each Sunday the boarders and the "Friends of Bits & Bytes Farm" do a group training lesson. We grab every horse and rider at the farm and work on our grids and jumping with Elizabeth as instructor, June as jump crew and Jan as photographer.

This week we worked on grids to learn how to stop a horse from rushing. A cross rail was set up with trot poles beyond. Each horse and rider had to canter over the cross-rails and be trotting by the time they reached the trot poles. It was a lot harder than it looked.

Joe Kelly's Tune gets in on the Sunday lessons.
Joe Kelly's Tune is learning to jump and do grids and courses.

The horses participating in the exercise included Joe Kelly's Tune, Grayboo, Secret (wow what a jumper), Brewster, Ace's Angel, Baileysonthe rocks, Fort Mason, Darcy and former Bits & Bytes Farm sale horses Broadway Joe, MacTavish and Big Money. The riders learned that an automatic release is better than a crest release to maintain straight-line contact with their horses' mouths and allow for quicker response time to changes of pace.

Speaking of change of pace. On Monday we loaded up seven former race horses and took them for a trail ride at Dawson Forest. The day was hot so we decided to work on teaching the horses to gallop through a water obstacle. I don't know who had more fun the horses or the riders!

Grayboo gallops through the creek.
Grayboo shows that even a horse right off-the-track has what it takes to be an event horse. -- photo by Marie vanRoekel.

Brewster, Secret, Broadway Joe and Big Money Brewster, Secret, Broadway Joe and Big Money at the back. Photo by Elizabeth with tripod services by Grayboo.

Marie and tripod Secret capture all the action.
Marie and camera tripod, Secret, captured a lot of the action.

Thoroughbreds are all-round athletes good for any discipline of riding.
Grayboo lead the way with Fort Mason, Lucky, Secret, Brewster, Big Money and Broadway Joe following the lead of our newest horse off-the-track.

Lucky, Secret, Broadway Joe and Big Money
Lucky, Secret, Broadway Joe and Big Money in the rear finishing up their trail ride.

Swimming Thoroughbreds
Gertjan and Big Money just love getting wet. Luckily, Marie has the camera this time.
-- photo by Marie vanRoekel.

Fox hunting season is fast approaching so we thought we would share a photo of how we get the horses used to fox hounds. How many cur dogs can you spot in this photo?

Fox hound training at the farm.

There are anywhere from two to ten dogs at the farm at anytime. They include all shapes and sizes of dogs and one hound - a basset named Cramer whose nose gets him into lots of trouble in the woods. Wizard and Zulu are the resident doberman watch dogs that get assistance from the vanRoekel dobermans -Jade and Jax. Apollo is Lise's Great Dane who thinks he is a horse. They join us in the arena on trail rides. The dogs love to run right at the horses' heels. Our horses don't seem to mind them and no dog has ever been kicked - yet!

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