Updated June 21, 2005

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Training Notes from elizabeth - June 13, 2005

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We have new horses! See who!



We have another new chestnut!

This boy has been SOLD! But, we have another new chestnut Thoroughbred for sale!

Our newest chestnut Thoroughbred horse for sale - "Val".

Our newest chestnut Thoroughbred horse for sale. See more photos of him at our farm.







Urca's four year-old

You may remember this photo of Elizabeth at the track last year snuggling with Urca's four year-old son.






Bay Thoroughbred horse for sale.

New bay Thoroughbred Prospect Horse.
His sire Charismatic who won two legs of the Triple Crown and finished 3rd in the Belmont with a broken leg! He is also a grandson of Danzig, who is highly prized for eventing prospects!








Newer June Prospect eight.

June Prospect Eight is a grandson of Secretariat.












El Piasso and his new mom Shannon Venezia

El Piasso and his new mom Shannon Venezia of Little Venice Stables in Leesburg, VA.




El Piasso feels right at home at Little Venice Stables in Leesburg, VA.

El Piasso feels right at home at Little Venice Stables in Leesburg, VA.












Rob Jett and Shenandoah King

Shenandoah King will remain at Bits & Bytes Farm with his dad Rob and mom Angela Jett. Watch for lots of success stories on this fancy boy!


Irish Morning Mist enjoyed the party as Elisa's chair.

Irish Morning Mist enjoyed the party as Elisa's chair.

Get your own movable chair - Irish is for sale.

Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm on the Web. Take a virtual tour of the farm and see the beautiful thoroughbreds we have for sale. Follow their training and learn how we bring them from racetrack to a new career in the show ring, fox hunting or eventing.

We've been shopping!

Last week we did a quick trip to the race track to pick up a new horse. Not wanting to come home with three empty stalls, in our 4-Star FOUR horse head-to-head trailer, we put up some photos of new June Prospect Horses for sale. We also put a bulletin on our home page to let everyone know what we were up to. Well, the response was overwhelming!

Here is how the trip went. We drove to Kentucky on Wednesday and visited two farms. At the first farm Elizabeth rode El Piasso who was one of our June Prospect Horses for sale. He turned out to be quiet and sane as well as GORGEOUS! We decided to buy him ourselves.

Elizabeth takes El Piasso for a test ride at his owner's farm in Kentucky.

Next stop was at the farm of our June Prospect Mare -- Urca. We wanted to check out the dam of our June Prospect Horse Three - Austin's Wolf.

Urca throws big quiet and sweet babies.
Urca is beautiful! She would make a great sport horse broodmare. She has big bone and a kind temperament. All her babies - we've seen three - are big and laid back. See her yearling on our Prospect Horses page. Austin's Wolf is her three year-old and she has a four year-old that could be Joe Bear's or Cloned Colony's twin. We were asked to get photos of her for several potential buyers. Urca is sound for riding as well.

Austin's Wolf at home at Bits & Bytes Farm in the Atlanta, Georiga area.
Austin's Wolf at home at Bits & Bytes Farm. He is Urca's three-year old son.

Thursday morning we were at the track at 6 AM looking at our June Prospect Horses Austin's Wolf, Prospect Two , Prospect Five and our chestnut, April Prospect Three. We had already purchased a chestnut Thoroughbred and he had been shipped to the track for us pick up. So with El Piasso and new new chestnut "Val" we had two horses to bring home for sure.

Our June Prospect Horse Three was Austin's Wolf. Austin's Wolf and his new mom Kriston.

Our June Prospect Three, Austin's Wolf, became our third horse, for the ride home, when Kriston Glusco called us at the track - after seeing our bulletin . She told us to put "Wolfie" on the trailer for her. That gave us three horses to bring back and we only had three stalls open at the farm. Kriston is letting us start "Wolfie" for her. He will be boarding at Bits & Bytes Farm and will receive training from Elisa Wallace for a month before going home to Kriston's new farm. This is always an option when you purchase a Prospect Horse from the track.

June Prospect eight
June Prospect Eight

We spent the rest of the morning taking lots of photos of potential new Prospect Horses to offer on our Web site at the best possible prices.

We arranged for vet checks, gathered Jockey Club papers, coggins and health certificates for the three horses and loaded up the first two at the track and set out to pick up El Piasso.

Elizabeth gave a quick call back to the farm to check on messages and there was one from Shannon Venezia calling about a prospect horse. She quickly returned her call only to learn that Shannon wanted El Piasso for herself! We returned to the farm and took some more photos and close ups of him with our cell phone.

El Piasso is now at home in Virginia
El Piasso is now at home in Virginia with his new mom Shannon.

Shannon said she wanted him shipped from Kentucky directly to Virginia to save costs. We made arrangements for him to stay at the farm until he could be picked up by a commercial hauler on Monday. El Piasso is now in Virginia with his new mom! Congratulations Shannon on a fantastic purchase!

We have added more horses for sale to our Prospect Horses' page since our return. We are planning another trip up this week, hopefully to pick up June Prospect Five (a buyer called us upon our return or she would have been on the trailer) and June Prospect Six who was added this week after our trip. June Prospect Six went up on the our Web site and was sold within a half an hour!

Be sure to check out three new Prospect Horses that were added June 21st. They are listed under the heading of Newer June Prospects. They are well bred and ready to be picked up this week. Call us ASAP to get all the details and to order a vet check on any horse still at the track. We still have room for two more horses on this trip. Will one of those be yours? Hurry. Call today.


Shenandoah King as been sold to a Bits & Bytes Farm "family" member - Rob Jett, husband of Angela and father of Hoopla our dressage star boarder. It pays to have an "inside track" and a "family" connection!

Shenandoah King and his new dad Rob getting to know each other.
Shenandoah King and his new dad Rob getting to know each other.

Shenandoah King and mom Angela.
Shenandoah King and his new mom Angela.

Happy Birthday Barry! - June 21st

Marie and Lise arranged for a wonderful birthday celebration for our favorite farmer - Barry. We had a great turnout for a wonderful dinner and birthday cake. There were so many guests that we ran out of chairs, so Bits & Bytes Farm trainer, Elisa Wallace brought her own -- Irish!

Irish had to help the birthday boy open his presents!
Irish had to help the birthday boy open his presents!

Irish enjoyed the party and he especially enjoyed eating the macaroni and cheese. After smearing it all over his face he proceeded to give Gertjan hugs and kisses before helping the birthday boy open his presents. Happy Birthday Barry! We couldn't do it without you.

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