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Training Notes from elizabeth - June 13, 2005

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Charlie X-country schooling - August 20, 2005

Charlie x-country schooling - August 20, 2005










Bits & Bytes Farm Thoroughbreds

Barry watching the training on the x-country course.










Snowdance Kid and Elizabeth

Snowdance Kid was quiet and well behaved for Elizabeth.






Snowdance Kid and Elizabeth - August 20, 2005

Snowdance Kid is four years old. He is very willing and loved learning how to jump cross-country fences - August 20, 2005














































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We have returned from the track with a full load! We have new photos of our July Prospect 8 chestnut! He is 17 hands! We found homes for both our September Prospects! Thank you for spreading the word. We have a trailer coming down this week to our farm with room for one more horse. Will it be yours? CALL ASAP.

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Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm on the Web. Take a virtual tour of the farm and see the beautiful thoroughbreds we have for sale. Follow their training and learn how we bring them from racetrack to a new career in the show ring, fox hunting or eventing.

Marie schooled Charlie x-country - August 20, 2005
Marie schooled Charlie x-country - August 20, 2005

Cross-country Schooling

Last weekend was a hot one in Hot `lanta. We got up early to beat the heat and loaded some youngsters into the trailer and headed over to one of our favorite places to school cross-country fences.

Snowdance Kid and Elizabeth - August 20, 2005
Snowdance Kid and Elizabeth - August 20, 2005

Cloned Colony
Former Bits & Bytes Farm horse - now a boarder - Cloned Colony with mom Sally Thomas.

Charlie is a Thoroughbred horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm.
Charlie will make a fantastic horse for a determined Pony Clubber who wants to win! - August 20, 2005

Marie schooled Charlie x-country - August 20, 2005
Marie was so comfortable jumping Charlie she stuck out her tongue at the photographer. - August 20, 2005

Charlie, Snowdance Kid, Big Money, Cloned Colony and Era of Chanago were all quick to load and a blast to ride. Charlie and Snowdance Kid had never been away from the farm since arriving. They both loaded fine and took to jumping cross-country fences like a duck to water.

Big Money and Gertjan were off galloping the grass track and jumping all the bigger fences as soon as we arrived.

Sally and former Bits & Bytes Farm sale horse (now boarder) Cloned Colony got up some courage and learned to jump every fence! We are very proud of this pair. They have only been in training for six months.

Cloned Colony and mom Sally
Sally and Cloned Colony jumped everything on the course.

Snowdance Kid showed himself to be brave and bold - not refusing a single fence. "Kid" had only ever jumped the small cross-country fences at our farm. We kept him to the smaller fences as he is only four, but, he would have gone over anything we asked. He will continue his jumping training learning grids in the arena. It is important for young horses to get the basics down before jumping the larger fences. That way they will not ever be scared and start stopping at fences.

Snowdance Kid and Elizabeth - August 20, 2005
Snowdance Kid and Elizabeth - August 20, 2005

Era of Chanago and Barry - August 20, 2005
Our favorite fox hunter - Era of Chanago - with Barry take a small fence effortlessly. - August 20, 2005

It was a fun day for all and a great learning experience for the young horses. We look forward to going to more places with our newer horses as the weather cools down.

Summer Reading Suggestions
What Happens to Race Horses When Their Race Career Ends?

After the Finish Line by Bill Heller After the Finish Line by Bill Heller

Ever wonder what happens to a Thoroughbred when he is done racing? Go to our Links page for a link to the book.

"After the Finish Line - The Race to End Horse Slaughter in America"
by Bill Heller


After reading this book you will understand why Bits & Bytes Farm got into the business of helping find homes for ex-race horses. The lucky ones make it to our farm and find loving owners and a second career as a sport horse.

This is the time of year when the rescue organizations need funds to care for horses that would go to auction and possibly slaughter. Can you help? Go to our Links page and make a donation to any of the non-profit organizations listed. They need our support! You may not be able to buy one of our Thoroughbreds or to rescue one, but you CAN make a difference in the life of one!

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