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This is the time of year when Thoroughbred race horses are most at risk. The rescue groups do their best to find "at risk" horses and rescue them. Still, too many Thoroughbreds need to find homes. Even horses that are sound are "at risk" of going to an auction because the trainer does not have the resources to take care of the horse over the winter. We will be putting up lots of photos in the next few weeks. This is the best time to buy!

Can't afford to buy but would like to help? Please donate generously to your favorite Thoroughbred rescue group. We have many of their Web sites listed on our Links page.

We can't save them all but we CAN make a difference in the life of ONE horse. Won't you help feed a rescue?

After the Finish Line by Bill Heller "Read this book and you
will know why we started
Bits & Bytes Farm .
Be sure to have several
boxes of tissues at hand."
- Elizabeth Wood


December 6, 2005

Don't forget to check what's new on the site.

New Training Notes from Elizabeth.

We have a new format for our Prospect Horses page. More photos of each horse.

Read our Success Stories
New Success Stories and updates to older ones! Thank you for staying in touch and letting us share in your successes!

Follow our history and see past home pages on our NEWZ page.


"Skinny" and Elizabeth

"Skinny" is happy with a mouthful of hay.


Elizabeth was the "driving forces" behind finding homes for 19 horses this week.

Elizabeth was caught checking out the 15-horse van "big rig". She was heard mumbling, " I wonder if I could get Barry to buy me one of these for Christmas? Just think of how many horses we could find homes for if we had one of these."

August Prospect Two on his way to his new home.

Barry leads August Prospect Horse Two Allovertheplace into the barn late Saturday night.


Cherish the Groom remained on the trailer to continue to Florida.

Cherish the Groom remained on the trailer to continue on to meet her new mom Cindel Alles in Florida.


Dana McLean helps Ben clean up Thistle for her photo op.

Dana McLean helps Ben clean up Thistle for her photo op.




Lance has a new mom.

Prospect Horse for Sale "Lance" with his new mom.



These are some of the twenty five special horses that need your help! Their trainer can no longer care for these well bred horses as he has in the past. He wants to find good homes for them. There are racing prospects, sport horse/racing broodmare prospects, resale/competition prospects and some would just make great riding horses.

These are twenty five special horses that need your help. Read their story on the Prospect Horses for Sale page.

Artic Vic SOLD!
Artic Vicky
Bad Hombre SOLD!
Eddy's Departure SOLD!
Finders Girl
He Named Me Katie SOLD
Hollywood Vic SOLD!
"Josh" SOLD
Most Always a Lady
My Sparky Boy SOLD!
Noshrinking Violet SOLD!
"Pretty" SOLD!
"Skinny" SOLD!
Suzy Maewon
Thistle SOLD!
Violet Maewon SOLD!
Viva Vicky
Vicky Vicky Vicky NEW PHOTOS!

Buckeye Buckaroo is a very well bred Thoroughbred horse for sale.

Buckeye Buckaroo has been purchased by Amy Wylly of Savannah, Georgia.


Charlie and grandpa Donnie.

Charlie was picked up on Friday, December 2nd, by Alyssa's dad Donnie without Alyssa knowing it. When Alyssa came home from school, she found Charlie in the round pen that had been decorated with red ribbons. What a great Christmas surprise!!! What special parents Alyssa has! We are very happy that Charlie has become a member of their family. Watch for Charlie's Success Stories page soon.





Charlie at home with hisd grandmom Lana Hendrickson of Sharpsburg, Georgia.

Charlie at home with his grand mom Lana Hendrickson of Sharpsburg, Georgia. Mom Alyssa is peeking from behind Charlie.


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm on the Web. Take a virtual tour of the farm and see the beautiful thoroughbred horses we have for sale. Follow their training and learn how we bring them from racetrack to a new career in the show ring, fox hunting or eventing. The "Horses for Sale" page has horses that are here at the farm. If you have the skills to take one right from the track but not the contacts, check out our "Prospect Horses for Sale" page. Follow the Success Stories of Horses Sold with the help of Bits & Bytes Farm. Read our past "Newz" stories and watch for new postings on our "What's New on the Site" page.

WOW! What a Week.

For the last two weeks we have been asking everyone to help us find homes for 25 horses that were in desperate need of new homes. Many of you responded and for that we say THANK YOU!

Your response has been overwhelming! We had hundreds of e-mails and phone calls from people wanting more information. We had over 1000 visitors one day on our Web site! In less than two weeks we sold 12 of the 25 special horses needing homes! We hired a 15 horse van to get our horses down from Ohio and some more from Kentucky! Read their stories here.

There are still more horses needing homes, so if you missed out on this load, call ASAP! Check them out here.

Many of you were willing to help out "Skinny". Jessica Hughes of Rutherfordton, NC is his new mom. "Skinny" will be going to his new home next weekend but he is at the farm for the rest of the week. Call us and stop by to visit him and our newest horses for sale - Artic Vic .

See photos and read the full story of our 12 of the 25 horses finding new homes.

We sold so many horses we had to hire a 15 horse van to get them all to the South.
We sold so many horses we had to hire a 15-horse van to get them all to the South.

Even More Prospect Horses SOLD!

Last week, besides finding homes for 12 of our 25 special horses, we sold five Prospect Horses right off the Web site: Strict Mister, Cherish the Groom (our very pretty gray filly), "Lance", "August Prospect Two" the beautiful white gray Allovertheplace and one who never even made it to our site - Brother Darcy.

Allovertheplace was our August Prospect Two. August Prospect One is still available. He looks like this guy but with a white mane and tail.
Allovertheplace was our August Prospect Two. August Prospect One is still available. He looks like this guy but with a white mane and tail. SOLD!

Allovertheplace will be moving in with October Prospect Horse Melvin's Brat and Susan Scheifley of Southern Pines, NC.

If the name Brother Darcy sounds familiar it is because he is the full brother to Our Boy Darcy. Elizabeth tracked him down when Our Boy Darcy was sold and finally she was able to purchase him. Read about Our Boy Darcy on his Success Stories page.

We are starting to find good bloodlines for sport horse prospects and we search out these horses and wait for them to become available. Brother Darcy will be living in Nashville, Tennessee with Mimi Barnes. We have been told by numerous trainers who know him, that he is a real class horse.

Brother Darcy is the full brother to Our Boy Darcy and the half brother of Heather's Best and Melvin's Brat.
Brother Darcy is the full brother to Our Boy Darcy and the half brother of Heather's Best and Melvin's Brat.

Brother Darcy is also the half brother of Elizabeth's favorite jumper Heather's Best and half brother of September Prospect Horse, Melvin's Brat. Melvin's Brat is getting a new buddy this week because his mom Susan Scheifley of Southern, Pines, NC purchased her second Prospect Horse. She bought our "August Prospect Horse Two" - Allovertheplace.

Cherish the Groom went to Cindel Alles of Wewahitchka, Florida. Here's what she has to say about her new beauty.

Cherish the Groom now lives in Florida with Cindel Alles.
Cherish the Groom now lives in Florida with Cindel Alles. SOLD!

Cherish arrived about 2 hours ago.  She is breathtakingly beautiful!  Her pix did not do her justice.  I measured her at 15.3-16.0 hands so she is bigger than expected. And a gorgeous dappled gray color. Not a blemish on her. I lunged her in a field (not even a pen)and she moves and behaves beautifully.  She is quiet, well mannered and just a very sweet horse.  Did I ever get lucky!  (With your help of course)  If I decide on another prospect horse in the future I will definitely give you a call.

I can’t wait until I start really working with her.  I’ll send you pix as soon as I get a digital camera.

Thanks a million!

Elizabeth gives Strict Mister a kiss for good luck as he leaves for Florida.
Elizabeth gives Strict Mister a kiss for good luck as he leaves for Florida.

Strict Mister also went to Florida to live with Ashley Sewell in Fort Pierce. She jumped in hours before Elizabeth's vet check to bring him to Bits & Bytes Farm. He was the personal horse of one of our best contacts at the track so we know his entire history in great detail. We are happy he has found a home and we know there will always be more horses needing homes - especially at this time of the year. She has called to let us know he has arrived safely. He immediately dropped and rolled in the mud! He's happy to be in his new home.

Things were busy at the farm last week as well.

We had visitors from Seattle, Alabama, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina.

Charlie and Alyssa Hendrickson of Sharpsburg, Georgia.
Charlie and Alyssa Hendrickson of Sharpsburg, Georgia.

Charlie has found his own little girl and we could not be happier with the match. Alyssa Hendrickson of Sharpsburg, Georgia will be loving on Charlie and fox hunting him next season. Mom Lana and dad Donnie will make sure he has a good home for life!

Buckeye Buckaroo was purchased by Amy Wylly of Savannah, GA. He will be moving with her to their newly purchased farm in East Tennessee. Amy taught Buckeye Buckaroo how to jump while trying him out for the first time. She was taken by his quiet, calm demeanor and his incredible gaits. Add to that his natural jumping ability and this will be one pair to watch on our Success Stories pages.

We have two new horses at the farm that will soon be for sale.

Artic Vic now home at Bits & Bytes Farm. December 5, 2005
Artic Vic was one of the 25 special horses. Elizabeth grabbed him for herself.

Artic Vic and El Armstrong are our two new horses that will soon be for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm. Watch for their Horses for Sale page soon.

El Armstrong will soon be available for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm. December 5, 2005.
El Armstrong is available for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm. December 5, 2005.


We still need homes for the rest of the horses!!!!!!! Here is the scoop.

We have been asked by a retired breeder/trainer to help him find homes for his twenty five horses. We have found homes for twelve so far. He has two and three year olds that are unraced and unregistered, registered three and four year-olds, racing geldings, young broodmares and one older broodmare that he needs to find homes for. They are turned out in pasture so our photos are not the best. Most have good weight but a few need some pounds added to their frames.

The broodmares all have good breeding and have produced winning babies. Some of the mares would make good sport horse broodmares because of their big bone and correct conformation. Some of the horses still meet racing conditions. Many can be registered as Ohio breds. They are all from good racing stock.

Several horses have already be scooped up by smart buyers. Pricing starts at just $1000! Many are available for less than $3000! They are sound and healthy. We are looking for people who are willing to retrain these horses and find them permanent homes. Horse traders need not call.

Boarding at Bits & Bytes Farm is the Best!

Have you been following the our Web site? Why have you not come to see us? We have lots of beautiful horses here to try. We even have a few openings for boarders —for the first time in two years! We have a great group of people at the farm and we enjoy lots of activities and road trips for schooling and showing.

If you have a Thoroughbred, this is the farm for you. Our special feeding program and our grass pastures with four board fencing are perfect for keeping your horse healthy.

The front entrance to Bits & Bytes Farm.
The front entrance to Bits & Bytes Farm.

Don't have a Thoroughbred? Why not? Just kidding. We welcome all geldings that have no stable vices. We look for people who share our love of horses and have the desire to help transition ex-racers to a new life. We welcome them as boarders. When your horse is laid up, you can even ride one of ours.

Morning turnout at Bits & Bytes Farm
Morning turnout at Bits & Bytes Farm

This farm is operated by the owners of the property. This is not a leased farm trying to make a living off of boarders. We over seed and fertilize our pastures several times a year. We tuck the horses in every night with a 10 PM feeding of hay and water.

We feed top-of-the-line Buckeye feeds. Gro 'n Win, flax seed, rice bran and beet pulp are a part of our feeding program at no additional cost to you! Read about our feeding program.

Don't Own a Horse?

We can help you there. Check out our Horses for Sale page.

Limited budget? Check out our Prospect Horses for Sale page.

Not ready to buy but you have lots of experience? We can always use a few more "Friends of Bits & Bytes Farm".

Call or come by for a visit - but please call first!

Please call us to discuss which horse might be the best match for you based on riding skill, experience and equine personality. We do not send out videos because it is important to match the personality of the horse with the personality of the rider. We are matchmakers, not horse brokers. We have horses in a wide price range. Prospect horses will not be sold to beginners or children without a full time trainer.

Not all horses are available for sale when they first come to the farm. We like to work with them for a while to teach them the basics of being a safe sport horse and to make sure they are healthy. You are welcome to visit and to get on a waiting list to be the first to ride them when we feel they are ready to be ridden by our visitors. Call us to discuss prices or to schedule an appointment. We are sorry but we cannot accommodate you if you just drop in unannounced. We'd love to have you come meet all of our horses--we know that it will be worth your time. Just bring peppermints!

Our security team springs into action. Sydney, Wizard and Zulu.

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