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This is the time of year when Thoroughbred race horses are most at risk. The rescue groups do their best to find "at risk" horses and rescue them. Still, too many Thoroughbreds need to find homes. Even horses that are sound are "at risk" of going to an auction because the trainer does not have the resources to take care of the horse over the winter. We will be putting up lots of photos in the next few weeks. This is the best time to buy!

Can't afford to buy but would like to help? Please donate generously to your favorite Thoroughbred rescue group. We have many of their Web sites listed on our Links page.

We can't save them all but we CAN make a difference in the life of ONE horse. Won't you help feed a rescue?

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February 27, 2006

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UPDATED: February 27, 2006

New Training Notes from Elizabeth.
UPDATED: Nov. 20, 2005

NEW Prospect Horses for Sale. Our new format allows for more photos of each horse.

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New Success Stories and updates to older ones! Thank you for staying in touch and letting us share in your successes! -
UPDATED: February 27, 2006

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Prospect horse for sale AJ works at the track as a pony horse.

Prospect horse for sale AJ works at the track as a pony horse.











Heather and Barry warming their feet at the track.

Heather's friend David told us, "Just wiggle your toes, and they'll warm up--but make sure you pick your feet up when you do it, or it won't work".









Roman Ripples is a prospect horse for sale.

Roman Ripples is a prospect horse for sale on our Prospect page.






We met with our favorite trainers at Turfway Park.

We met with our favorite trainers at Turfway Park.







Former Prospect Horse for Sale - Pearl D`Azure at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Former Prospect Horse for Sale - Pearl D`Azure at Bits & Bytes Farm.












"Brett" and Elizabeth get to know each other. February 18, 2006

"Brett" (one of the 25 Special Horses) and Elizabeth get to know each other. February 18, 2006











Suzie Maewon has a new mom!

Suzie Maewon has a new mom! She was one of our
25 Special Horses for Sale.



Success Stories. These horses were a few of the 25 Special Horses we have been finding homes for:

Artic Vic
Bad Hombre
Hollywood Vic
Noshrinking Violet
My Sparky Boy
Suzie Maewon
Vicky Vicky Vicky
Violet Maewon












Joe and one of the colts. February 18, 2006

Joe and one of the colts. February 18, 2006









Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm on the Web. Take a virtual tour of the farm and see the beautiful thoroughbred horses we have for sale. Follow their training and learn how we bring them from racetrack to a new career in the show ring, fox hunting or eventing. The "Horses for Sale" page has horses that are here at the farm. If you have the skills to take one right from the track but not the contacts, check out our "Prospect Horses for Sale" page. Follow the Success Stories of Horses Sold with the help of Bits & Bytes Farm. Read our past "Newz" stories and watch for new postings on our "What's New on the Site" page.

Shopping in Kentucky for Horses

We just returned last weekend from a buying trip to Kentucky and Ohio. We brought along "Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm" Heather Buras to pick up her new prospect horse - Projectile One (aka former prospect horse for sale - Project One) who is now known as "Peaks". His sire was the famous Canadian horse of the year - Peaks and Valleys - so "Peaks" is the nickname his trainers gave him. We asked Heather to tell us about the trip from the buyer's perspective. She had to fly to Kentucky to meet us, as she had to work on Friday. Here is what she had to say . . .

What a fun trip! Like you said a few weeks back, when we were planning our first attempt to bring home the boys, when it's meant to be, it all comes together. What a lucky break that I was able to leave work early enough, and what an even bigger break that I got my stand-by seat on the plane--I shouldn't have doubted for a second that I'd make the flight--when things are right, they're right. Even the arrival in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport was perfect--our gate was right off the runway--we literally landed and parked. I can't believe that in a three hour time frame, I went from sweating bullets over getting a seat, to sweating bullets over a plate of spicy Mexican with Barry and Elizabeth who drove the truck and trailer to Kentucky...

Training does not stop for snow. Turfway Race track - February 18, 2006
Training does not stop for snow. Turfway Park has the new Polytrack surface. - February 18, 2006

Waking up to snow on Saturday morning was a real treat. Having spent the better part of the last twenty three years in Florida meant that snow, for me, was pretty much a well-faded memory! Got a good reminder that morning!! Two inches of the white shroud sure put a beautiful (but C*O*L*D) cast on our day!! I'd never been to the backstretch before--I sure can't wait to go back! It was great to meet so many of the trainers who help Elizabeth find these great horses, and neat to see the horses in their barns that may some day end up at Bits & Bytes Farm (or at least as prospects on the web site).

My seven layers kept me nice and cozy, but sure didn't lend themselves to convenience--I spent most of the morning feeling like a cross between the Jolly Green Giant and the Michelin Man!! That being said, I did spend the better part of the morning wishing that my boots would have allowed for seven layers, too, but after my friend David's very profound statement of, "Just wiggle your toes, and they'll warm up--but make sure you pick your feet up when you do it, or it won't work," they seemed to stay a little warmer. Our Doberman security team of Wizard and Zulu sure had the right idea--I don't think I've ever seen dogs trot so high as they did when they were out of the truck for potty breaks!!

Touchthesun aka "Fred" was brought to Turfway Park by his breeders.
Touchthesun aka "Fred" was brought to Turfway Park by his breeders Kim and Bill.

After walking the barns at Turfway, and meeting with Elizabeth's favorite trainers, we grabbed a free breakfast hosted by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) at the track kitchen to warm up. Elizabeth had another owner/trainer meet us at Turfway to deliver Touchthesun who came in from his farm in Indiana in the snow storm. Then it was off to pick up three more horses - two in Kentucky and one from our 25 Special Horses for Sale, in Ohio. Fortunately, the snow stopped by 10 AM and the roads were clear for our trek up the mountains to Joe's farm and the 25 Special Horses to pick up Suzie Maewon.

Barry and Andy. February 18, 2006
Barry and Andy (one of the 25 Special Horses). February 18, 2006

It sure was a pleasure to meet Joe and the horses that he still has at his farm. He reminds me so much of my first trainer--in just the little time we spent with him, you sure could tell that he is a man with a lifetime of horse experience. So many of the "old ways" of horsemanship are gone now--it was wonderful to be able to listen to someone who knows them and isn't afraid to share!! His horses are wonderful--the boys are such a good lesson in the fact that colts are just like teenage boys, and do so much better being allowed to be boys than kept separate and treated like hot house flowers.

"Brett" and Joe.
"Brett" and Joe. February 18, 2006

The girls are all so sweet, and look like they'll be wonderful horses for their someday new owners. I am so sad about Finders Girl--what a sweet, sweet mare. I hope that in his sadness, Joe will be able to find joy in his memories of her and in her children and the accomplishments that they are sure to have with their new owners.

Heather with Most Always a Lady and Viva Vicky. February 18, 2006
Heather with Most Always a Lady and Viva Vicky. (Two of the 25 Special Horses) February 18, 2006

After loading Suzie Maewon, we drove back to Kentucky to the farm of another trainer friend of Elizabeth and Barry to pick up two former Prospect Horses for Sale - Pearl D`Azur and my boy "Peaks".

Heather meets Projectile One for the first time at his farm. February 18, 2006
Heather meets Projectile One for the first time at his farm. February 18, 2006

Picking up "Peaks" and Pearl D`Azur gave us such a nice chance to see some of the Ohio and Kentucky countryside. The drive on Highway 27 back to Lexington had to be one of the highpoints of the trip! If wishes were horses--we'd have had farm after farm full of them!!! What beautiful properties! I am so glad that we took the back way instead of heading back down Interstate 75!

Pearl D`Azur and Projectile One walking to the trailer.
Pearl D`Azur and Projectile One ("Peaks") walking to the trailer.

I can't wait until the next trip! I just hope there'll be room in the truck for me. What in the world could be better than a whole trip of nothing but horses, horses, horses? I can't think of a single thing--except the hot shower and warm bed that were waiting for me when I finally made it home at 4:00am. Hard to believe that in 36 hours, I was there and back, and am now the happy owner of a new horse!! "Peaks" sure made getting up at 8:30 the next morning a task I didn't even have to think twice about!!


Projectile One aka "Peaks" was purchased with the intention of retraining him and finding him a permanent job as a sport horse. He is currently in training with Heather at Bits & Bytes Farm while she looks for his "perfect match".

Update On Our 25 Special Horses

We have had great success placing our 25 Special Horses. They have all turned out to be very sweet and kind and easy to train. We have had the pleasure of working with Artic Vic and My Sparky Boy at Bits & Bytes Farm. Both horses have shown great talent. Artic Vic went to young rider Jennifer Bliss and My Sparky Boy is currently for sale at our farm. He has shown himself to be multi-talented and could be good in either hunter/jumper or eventing. He is a beautiful mover with a calm attitude.

Read the Success Stories of several of the other 25 Special Horses we have placed. Click on the list is at the right side of this story. Our little pregnant filly "Darling" is due to foal in March and she is currently being fostered until she delivers. Artic Vicky is with Keri Basham at the Equine Transitional Training Alliance, Inc. in Lexington, KY. She is available for adoption. Unfortunately, Finders Girl had an accident and had to be put down. There are still some beautiful mares and colts at the farm that need homes. . .

Just In From Philadelphia . . . Pride of the Fox

Our newest horse is a beautiful tall bay gelding named Pride of the Fox. He is a 1997 model who just retired sound from the race track. He is a classy horse who has a calm demeanor. On his way to be loaded on the trailer for the ride home, a plastic chair blew across the stable area and hit him in the chest. It did not upset him one bit. This beautiful boy is ready to begin his new career as a sport horse and someone's special partner. He has it all: breeding, looks and a laid back personality. His former owner/trainer calls him "bomb proof". Stay tuned for more photos and training notes. HIs photo page will be up soon.

Pride of the Fox
Pride of the Fox has arrived at Bits & Bytes Farm. February 27, 2006

Call or come by for a visit - but please call first!

Please call us to discuss which horse might be the best match for you based on riding skill, experience and equine personality. We do not send out videos because it is important to match the personality of the horse with the personality of the rider. We are matchmakers, not horse brokers. We have horses in a wide price range. Prospect horses will not be sold to beginners or children without a full time trainer.

Morning turnout at Bits & Bytes Farm
Morning turnout at Bits & Bytes Farm

Not all horses are available for sale when they first come to the farm. We like to work with them for a while to teach them the basics of being a safe sport horse and to make sure they are healthy. You are welcome to visit and to get on a waiting list to be the first to ride them when we feel they are ready to be ridden by our visitors. Call us to discuss prices or to schedule an appointment. We are sorry but we cannot accommodate you if you just drop in unannounced. We'd love to have you come meet all of our horses--we know that it will be worth your time. Just bring peppermints!

Our security team springs into action. Sydney, Wizard and Zulu.

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