UPDATE: Camalou Farms and Bits & Bytes Farm have been working with many potential buyers to help them get their horses home to the South. If you need help scheduling a ride for your horse, please contact either farm. We have arranged for a two horse vans to bring more horses to the South. An additional trailer has be hired for horses needing a ride. Hurry, time is running out for these horses.

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117 Horses Need Homes

CANTER New England Organizer Writes:

Writing from the Northampton Fair, where we have taken 117 listings (so far!) of some VERY nice horses for sale. 99% of these horses were bought/shipped in by trainers who do not intend to ship them back to their home tracks, and they *must* sell by the end of the race meet. Incredibly good-looking, sound TBs with great potential for a wide variety of competitive disciplines are definitely to be found here! These are some seriously NICE horses.

We have uploaded photos and descriptions of the vast majority of the listings we've taken. To see them, go to:


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE THESE HORSES (AND THE MANY MORE LIKELY TO BE FOR SALE) Please stop by the fairgrounds. CANTER NE volunteers will be available from 8 AM to 3 PM as well as next Saturday and Sunday (9/18 and 9/19). And you don't have to limit your trip to the weekends! You are also welcome to make an appointment with specific trainer(s) who have horses of interest, if it is more convenient for you to come during the week.




There is also a possibility that racing will be cancelled next weekend due to inclement weather from Hurricane Ivan; if that is the case, the horses will need to move off the grounds even sooner. Excellent bargains are to be found everywhere, as are horses who really, really just need and deserve a good home.

There are a handful of horses at the fair who have injuries requiring some layup, and they are at-risk of going to auction. If you can open your heart to one of these horses as a foster or adoptive caregiver, please call CANTER at: 781-354-6291


e-mail: canterne@canterusa.org as soon as possible. Time is of the essence.

Thank you and please do pass along the word to as many horse lovers in the area as possible.


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