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Brother Darcy is the FULL BROTHER of Our Boy Darcy.

Brother Darcy is the FULL BROTHER of Our Boy Darcy. See photo below.

Our Boy Darcy and Jessica.

Our Boy Darcy (full brother to Brother Darcy) and his mom Jessica. May 2005

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Brother Darcy is also the half brother to Elizabeth's favorite Horse for Sale -
Heather's Best
. They share the same sire - Buckley Boy who is a son of Alydar.

Heather's Best is a half brother to Brother Darcy

We like to follow which bloodlines have been good sport horses. Alydar bloodlines seem to work well for us.

Aly's Charmer

Our Horse for sale - Aly's Charmer is a great grandson of Alydar. His grandsire is Alysheba who was the 1987 Chapion 3yo colt, 1987 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner.


Bits & Bytes Farm Success Stories

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March 2005

Darcy is doing great- shedding and gaining weight. I hope to get on him in a couple of weeks. I had planned it for the last time Bill (you spoke with him- from Lexington, KY) was here but school and work fulltime are killing me time wise. School is out first of May and then NOTHING will interfere!

I'll try to send some pics soon- he looks really good. He needs his mane pulled and bridle path done but Darcy doesn't like having his mane messed with (even with the little comb cutter thing... not really pulling).

Hope all is well-

Brother Darcy is enjoying his retirement before beginning his new career in dressage.
Brother Darcy is enjoying his retirement before beginning his new career in dressage.

February 7, 2006


Brother Darcy is doing GREAT and I just love him to pieces! He is such a sweetheart and a pleasure to be around- just a good good guy. I can't believe what a pet he has become- he recognizes my truck and heads to the fence or gate when he sees me. Anytime I call him out in the pasture he will come trotting up or if he sees me leading horses past his pasture, he will come follow along the fence. At night before I leave the barn, I'll go in his stall and scratch him and pet him. He
will rest his head against my chest and I'll pull his ears- I think he knows he
has his person now.

He seems to be enjoying his let down period- I think he was a bit bored at first
and would definitely be happier if the pastures were green. He certainly
deserves a vacation.

He LOVES mud- I have never had a horse that can get that filthy. If there is
even a tablespoon of mud in the pasture he will find it, roll in it, grind in
it, do the backstroke in it. I think instead of not wanting to run in it, he
was just slowing down and wanting to roll in it. These pics aren't very good- I
just walked out in the pasture when I had a little bit of time before starting
the PM feeding. He wouldn't stay very far away so I couldn't get the full pic
of how much mud is on the blanket. Notice the bridlepath and forelock- pretty
amazing he can get enough mud up there to slick it back.

Just wanted to let you know he is doing great and how happy I am with him.
Hope all is well with you.

— Mimi

December 12, 2005

Darcy has settled in like an old hand. Turnout day was uneventful. He seems a bit at loose ends with nothing to do but eat and wander around- just like any retiree I guess.

The blacksmith is changing out his shoes tomorrow- the back ones are kind of wicked.


Part two . . .

Brother Darcy has been very quiet- he just stays out of the way and the pasture population is very settled. The routine at the barn is like clockwork so everyone just kind of lines up and waits their turn to come in.

He came in covered in red mud yesterday (he was rolling with his blanket on so I went out and pulled it- you could tell he just wanted to get dirty so bad! I just let him have at it and get filthy). When I was picking his feet out and got to the right hind- which is the only one that isn't just a plate)- I couldn't believe that thing. He has been with a small group of older horses too- we've been lucky. The blacksmith is out first thing in the morning too. I asked him to save the shoes- I have always meant to save a shoe from each horse but I never did and then they would be gone... so these would be good ones to save from Darcy. I am also going to contact the track photographer from the biggest race he won and see if I can get a win photo. I had started to collect some Real Quiet momentos for my Real Quiet colt that I lost... hope I don't jinx Darcy. (knocking on wood).

I'll try to get some photos soon. . .

— Mimi

Brother Darcy's Prospect Horse for Sale photo
Brother Darcy's Prospect Horse for Sale photo. November 2005

December 6, 2005 - Brother Darcy's big day

Darcy made the trip just fine. I handwalked him and let him graze for a couple of hours this afternoon- you could tell he really wanted to roll and have a good buck- but he can do that tomorrow. He settled in really well in the barn- drank about three buckets of water and ate dinner. Groomed him and spent some time just scratching him and getting acquainted. Several people came by his stall and scratched and petted him- he seemed to enjoy the attention. He is going to be so handsome by springtime when he gains some weight gets a nice shiny bloom. It will a lot of fun spiffing him up!

I'll send pics in a couple of days.

Thanks so much for all the help with Darcy.

— Mimi

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