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General Shanray and his dad Ronnie. January 2, 2006

General Shanray and his dad Ronnie. January 4, 2006

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General Sharay was sold directly from the track to his new owner.

General Sharay was sold directly from the track to his new owner Allison Bennett.


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General Shanray

General Shanray wins the red ribbon at his first show.
General Shanray wins the red ribbon at his first show.

May 27

General's feelin' pretty good about scoring a ribbon here... he took home 2 second place ribbons; not bad for a little horse nobody wanted!!

My little student's pony is a dapple gray also, so the two of them really caught the judge's eye. Everyone just raved and raved about how gorgeous he is and he would have brought home the 1st place ribbon in English pleasure except that a big, rather loping chestnut Quarter Mare's downward transitions were a tad cleaner than Gen's, but we'll get it next time. His gaits were apparently so nice in fact he allowed me to come home with a second in English Equitation.

General Shanray at his first show.
General Shanray at his first show.

Can't ride 'em ifin 'ya can't stick to 'em and he's smooooth...
I really like all of these and out of 15 or so pics there wasn't a bad one in the bunch. Print what you want, but this one shows how much an electric green horse off the track can be naturally collected in just a short while.

January 2006

General Shanray and his dad Ronnie. January 2, 2006
"I love my Daddy, cuz he spoils me rotten!"

Male bonding session?

E, this little gelding is really sharp, you can literally show him something ONE time, and he's got it! Then he'll "tell you" how he'd like it done the next time...too much direct rein, not enough passive, I'd really like to have my jaw and neck back and I'll happily do it for you! He'll do anything if you know how to listen, he is very, very smart ( and accomodating if you'll ride him the way he prefers which is as quiet as possible) He has too much brain power for anything less than dressage! I think 'Nissima has got him beat on the natural jumping ability though....

Hope y'all had a great holiday season, we sure did!

Allison Bennett

December 11, 2005 - General is learning to jump!

General Shanray learns to jump with Allison. December 2005

November 22, 2005

General Shanray and Allison Bennett. November 2005

Hi Elizabeth! 

Just wanted to let you know that Ronnie took General on his first trail ride Sunday over at the Shakerag Hounds course and he says, "Gosh, this horse rides like a dream!" To which I replied, uh huh, how did I know this Darling?  I must be psychic...Anyway, looks like we've got not one but two show stoppers here at Bennett Farms,  everyone comments on how good the two of them look together, they really could be twins.  Anyway, the more we work at it, the more the two of them will hit this little "rocking horse" canter where we can actually go down the trail holding hands.  Really neat! 

Looks like I've hit the lottery twice in a row!

Thanks for all your help,
Bennett Farms

PS  Will send more pics soon!

November 4, 2005

Urbanissima's mom, Allison Bennett of Bennett Farm, has purchased General Shanray from the Bits & Bytes Farm Prospect Horse for Sale page for her friend Ronnie.

General Shanray has been purchased by Allison Bennett of Canon, Georgia.


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