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Urbanissima with her new family.








September Prospect 1

Allison Bennett of Canon, GA with our September Prospect 1 -- Urbanissima -- a four year old dappled gray filly. Allison thinks she was worth the wait.













Urbanissima is a very well bred mare.

Urbanissima is a very well bred mare. Click here to see her pedigree.


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Urbanissima aka "Miss Prissy"

July 9, 2006

Hi E!

It's been awhile since I've sent anything and wanted you to know that"Urbs" is handling 3' jumps now like a champ! May even try to take her to the GHJA "Sunshine Kids" Charity show at Wills Park at the end of the month. . .don't know for sure yet as we are busier than a whole hive of bees around here right now! She is a pure JOY to own and I'd really like for her to try for "baby greens" this go around.

Bascule Rating from me: EXCELLENT!!

God Bless,
Allison B./Bennett Farms Sporthorses

November 2005

Urbanissima's mom has purchased ANOTHER PROSPECT HORSE from Bits & Bytes Farm for her fiance Ronnie. If you see a gray for sale on our site ACT FAST, or Allison will get it before you! Check out General Shanray's Success Stories page.

General Shanray has been purchased by Allison Bennett of Canon, Georgia.
General Shanray is Allison's second Prospect Horse purchase. Read General Shanray's Success Stories.

October 24, 2005

A phone call from Allison Bennett gave us the latest update on Urbanissima - she went camping with her new mom and dad. They arrived at the campsite in Georgia late and all the pastures and stalls were occupied. Not a problem for this Thoroughbred just a month away from racing --Urbanissima was a former Prospect Horse for Sale in September. Urbanissima and the other horse happily tied to a picket line for the night with lots of hay to keep them happy. The next day they enjoyed the trails and the beautiful fall weather. She was quiet and well behaved.

October 3, 2005

It was love at first sight!
It was love at first sight!

Hi Elizabeth! 

Miss Priss is doing great.  She navigates ground poles at a trot like she's done it all her life.  We took one small crossrail  the other day and she never blinked!  She is going to be perfectly awesome.  If feel like I could take her to some of these local shows and really clean sweep it. 

Don't know about Shakerag yet, but I know that Ronnie and I will probably try to get away for the weekend and take some horses to the woods since I just bought a taller trailer (weekender).  Will try to send some pics soon.

Again, thanks for everything,
Allison Bennett/Bennett Farm

September 28, 2005

Hi Elizabeth--
Yes! I thought the pictures turned out great! Miss Prissy Pants is having a ball. I've already tried her under the Bates Isabell and she "yawned" as I was getting on her! We all thought she was going to be so hot that you couldn't sit on her without getting burned (you know, bolting, zipping around 4 ft off the ground like my other mare did when I first got her) NOPE! She is perfectly well behaved (so far)...

Ronnie was running the bobcat in the riding arena and she walked by it like it was her best friend... I'm in love with her! So far all we've done is walk and trot a little because since we're doing all this resurfacing work in the ring, there's precious little space to do flat work. But I don't want to bore her with it right here at first anyway, I want her to have fun, fun, and more fun here her first week. I really think she likes me and I know she likes strawberry fruitsavers!

Ciao for now,
Allison Bennett/Bennett Farms


September 26, 2005

Enjoyed our day so very much and appreciate you for dragging yourself around till 2 o'clock so that we could pick up our "pretty girl"! She has a VERY sweet personality and is really pretty laid back for a four yr. looking so forward to working with her as she is just a dream to watch running freely out here with some of the other girls.                                                          

Thanks again,
Allison Bennett/Bennett Farms

Allision bought Urbanissima off the Prospect Horses' page sight unseen.
Allision bought Urbanissima off the Prospect Horses' page sight unseen.

Urbanissima was a September 2005 Prospect Horse. She was on the Web site one day before Allison Bennett called and bought her. She had to wait for her owner to race her "one more time". One more time turned into two more times as she won what was supposed to be her last race. Allison agrees with us that Urbanissima was worth the wait.

These were Urbanissima's Prospect Horse Photos.

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