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Sandra's Pride

Sandra's Pride - July 2006

Sandra's Pride was purchased directly from the trainer after Glenna saw him on our Prospect Horses for Sale page.

Sandra's Pride was purchased directly from the trainer after Glenna Prieto of LaGrange, GA saw him on our Prospect Horses for Sale page. Click here to see his Prospect Horses for Sale photos. - December 2005

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Sandra's Pride aka "S Pride" former Prospect Horse for Sale

January 4, 2007

Just wanted to let you know the "honeymoon" is not over-I still just adore Viva Vicky and Sandra's Pride!

I took each of them trail riding today. (That means we walked around the outside of the paddocks.) Pride was much braver today than the last time we tried it. I made a big deal of how proud he made me!

Viva went around one paddock and kept on looking up the driveway to go farther so on we went. She did great going along the fence line, up/down the hill, and walking on some mushy, wet ground. Like a dog, literally, she smelled the driveway which is the way the geldings go to their turnout. We have finally cantered during our last two lessons and my instructor said it looks like she's skipping over the ground. That's how it feels too.


November 2, 2006

I believe I am coming back to my senses today. Whew.

What I have figured out though is that my experiences with Viva and Pride have been so rewarding they are leading to an addiction. Talk about some positive reinforcement. Seeing them progress makes this a wonderful adventure.

Adam's pictures still make me sigh.

Enjoy the races!

Elizabeth's Note: Glenna has purchased two Prospect Horses from us and is wants to get more. I think we have her convinced to wait until she has more land.

October 18, 2006

Pride had his first lesson and did really well. My instructor says his trot is gorgeous. I have print pictures ready to send to his former owner from about two weeks ago. Hope she's as pleased as I am.


October 3, 2006

Sandra's Pride is nearly ready for lessons! He can now keep two shoes on at the same time for about 5 days! He has come around to be a much more personable fellow than when he and I first met. He really enjoys his "slurpy snack"-senior feed, bran, Gleam and Gain and lots of water. It's a noisy snack the way he eats it.

Sandra's Pride

July 23, 2006

I wanted to get these photos to you to show how gentle and calm Sandra's Pride is. He stood patiently, with my instructor's help, while I climbed on bareback. We then walked around the arena a few times without any help. He is responding well to his TLC; one cup of corn oil twice a day, hoof and coat supplements, and MSM. The effort is already showing in his overall health and appearance.We have a great farrier so "Pride's" feet are coming along with a good, balanced shoeing. Once he gets a little plumper, I'll start him in more of a training program.

Thanks again to you and Darla!


Sandra's Pride was ridden bareback by her new mom.

Sandra's Pride was purchased as a Prospect Horse - sight unseen by Glenna Prieto of LaGrange, Georgia. She had already purchased one of our 25 Special Horses - Viva Vicky. Click here to read Viva Vicky's Success Stories. Previous buyers get special pricing on any additional horse they purchase through Bits & Bytes Farm.

Sandra's Pride's Prospect Horse for Sale photo.
Sandra's Pride's Prospect Horse for Sale photo.


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