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Viva Vicky at Bits & Bytes Farm on her way to her new home in La Grange, GA.


Viva Vicky enjoys her green grass pastures.

Viva Vicky enjoys her green grass pastures in Georgia.

This is my first ride on Viva.

Glenna's first ride on Viva Vicky was a success!


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Viva Vicky

January 4, 2007

Just wanted to let you know the "honeymoon" is not over-I still just adore Viva Vicky and Sandra's Pride!

I took each of them trail riding today. (That means we walked around the outside of the paddocks.) Pride was much braver today than the last time we tried it. I made a big deal of how proud he made me!

Viva went around one paddock and kept on looking up the driveway to go farther so on we went. She did great going along the fence line, up/down the hill, and walking on some mushy, wet ground. Like a dog, literally, she smelled the driveway which is the way the geldings go to their turnout. We have finally cantered during our last two lessons and my instructor said it looks like she's skipping over the ground. That's how it feels too.

November 2, 2006

I believe I am coming back to my senses today. Whew.

What I have figured out though is that my experiences with Viva and Pride have been so rewarding they are leading to an addiction. Talk about some positive reinforcement. Seeing them progress makes this a wonderful adventure.

Adam's pictures still make me sigh.

Enjoy the races!

Elizabeth's Note: Glenna has purchased two Prospect Horses from us and is wants to get more. I think we have her convinced to wait until she has more land.

September 17, 2006

Viva is doing great in her training! I'll send pictures when we canter- nearly there.

This is my first ride on Viva.

July 25, 2006 - Photos of the first ride!

This is my first ride on Viva. I'm glad I waited for a lesson because she was unexpectedly heavy in my hands. I could not have solved that on my own. She was very calm in the 98 degree heat so we got to trot! I think she really enjoys the attention and activity. She has been a pleasure to be around with only a few small,workable issues. I might have the wash stall one figured out; today she stood quietly when I let her stand sideways!


July 2, 2006

My instructor/friend came today and helped me with Viva. I rode her for the first time and she was a star! She stood perfectly still while I mounted and waited for us to tell her before she moved off. Susan lead us around to make sure I had right and left turns and whoa rein aids.

We walked some on our own then Susan said trot a few steps and we did. Then we trotted down the long side and walked then we trotted the whole arena! Viva never got quick or balky. Another thing I liked about her too was how straight she moves; and her walk and trot steps are very even. Her upward and downward transitions are very smooth so I know she's naturally well balanced.

I was surprised at how heavy she was on the bit, but Susan explained how racehorses are trained and how I could fix that. Viva really started learning how to lift her head more during the lesson.

I have another lesson on Tuesday so we'll see what else "our" star can do!

I have had three lessons on Viva and a quick "hop on" ride on Pride. More details and photos to follow. They're great! - Glenna

July 8, 2006

This is what I sent to Joe (Viv Vicky's previous owner) after our first ride:

We make rapid progress each time; now we trot figure eights and three loop serpentines. She's beginning to learn to lift her front end and to bend a little in her neck. Our three lessons have all been in one week! They'll just be weekly from now on.

I hopped (okay, squirmed and wriggled) on Sandra's Pride bareback for a "photo op". I wanted to show that Darla's use of the word gentle was accurate. I'm still working on getting him to come sound with good food and good shoeing but he's 75% better already.

Elizabeth's Note: Glenna Prieto has purchased two horses from our Prospect Horses for Sale page now.

This is my first ride on Viva.

April 29, 2006

Glenna Prieto and Viva Vicky at home in La Grange, Georgia
Glenna Prieto and Viva Vicky at home in La Grange, Georgia

Hi Elizabeth,

Viva has settled in well at the barn. She and Raffie are companionably close. They seem to enjoy each other but I can separate them without a lot of screaming and anxiety. Raffie still bites at her (if treats are involved) but Viva will just pin her ears, swish her tail and walk away.

Raffie and Viva Vicky

I have never had a horse sniff me like a dog. She starts in my hair and works her way down to my toes. I went in her stall one time with a peppermint in my mouth and she would not leave me alone until I chewed and swallowed it. Won't make that mistake again. She is a very picky treat eater; likes carrots but not apples and expensive horse cookies but not horse bites. Glad she doesn't need lots of daily supplements!

Viva Vicky lives in La Grange, GA

I did buy one of the knotted halters like you suggested to teach her to lead better. It's worked well. It has a long lead attached so I've used it to teach mini lunging at the walk. At first she either did a nice turn on the forehand,backed up or stood still. Now she's got it. The first time I led her over a ground pole I found out how nimble she is. I walked over the middle of the pole and she very neatly went around it. It only took only two more times to get that cleared up. Now she walks over several poles without a problem.

Yesterday, I free lunged her and got to see a bigger trot. Until then I had only seen a little jog. Voice commands and clucking didn't get her to trot, so it took some encouragement with the whip. This caused her to express herself by "waving" her head at me. She's got some cheek in her! She also picked up a right lead canter for a few strides. Glad to see the right lead is a natural option for her.

Our next update will have some under saddle work to report. I'm very happy to have such a sweet and beautiful horse. Thanks again for helping me acquire her!


March 23, 2005 - Most Always a Lady with Viva Vicky

Viva Vicky and Most Always a Lady made the trip to their new homes together as far as Bits & Bytes Farm. Both horses now live in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Hi Elizabeth,

Like I said on the phone, Viva is beautiful. She seems somewhat lost and confused without her old friends but is making new friends. She is also adjusting well to being in a barn/stall at night but definitely enjoys looking out of her window. Unfortunatley, she only has a view of the storage shed. We are going to try and take pictures this weekend.

Thanks again for locating this wonderful mare and helping me acquire her.


Most Always a Lady with Viva Vicky
Most Always a Lady with Viva Vicky on her way home to LaGrange, Georgia

November 2005

Viva Vicky was one of our 25 Special a Prospect Horses for Sale.

Viva Vicky in November 2005


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