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Just in from Kentucky another new horse!!!

New newz page. Find out what's going on at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Read all about Captain Arias' first event.

We are back from Ohio
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October 12 - We have just returned from the Shakerag Hunter Pace where "Team Ford" (they all drive Ford trucks) finished second. "Team Ford" was made up with two Bits & Bytes Farm horses: Heathcliff and Captain Arias. Congratulations to the whole team.

Team Ford
Team Ford

The Shakerag Hunter Pace was Roary's public debut and first ever event with lots of other horses galloping by. He was terrific! He loved galloping over the countryside and remained collected and easy to control. He showed off his dressage talent at one check point doing a beautiful side pass at a trot. The coups were no problem for Roary who is used to higher fences back at the farm.

Roary & Elizabeth
Roary and Elizabeth

Two other Bits & Bytes horses made up "Team Bits & Bytes Farm" - Fort Mason and Columbus. Fort Mason was our first off the track thoroughbred and he was a true rescue having been found through New Vocations. Fort Mason had raced until he was eight and then bowed a tendon. He was donated to New Vocations and was adopted by Bits & Bytes Farm. We brought him back slowly and he is sound for jumping and fox hunting. He is our number one fox hunter!

Fort Mason & BarryFort Mason with Barry up.

Columbus is owned by Stacey Gunnison and is boarded at Bits & Bytes Farm. Columbus is an incredible jumper and is just 14.1 hands high! Roary had trouble catching Columbus when galloping across one of the big pastures. That must be why he is no longer racing.

Stacey and ColumbusColumbus & Stacey

September 30 - Dean Graham and Megan Fischer visit for the Turning Point Event. We enjoyed watching Dean and Megan work Irish and Roary. Captain Arias had a great ride at the Turning Point Event in Chatsworth, GA.

Captain Arias at Turning Point.Captain Arias

Megan & Roary Megan & Roary in the early morning.

Dean & Roary Dean & Roary

Dean & IrishUncle Dean tunes up Irish.

Roary learns about the Swedish oxer Dean & Roary

Stanley and KatherineStanley and Katherine during Dean's lesson.

Our visitors this weekend were Kathy and Katherine Murray from Nashville, TN. Katherine enjoyed Dean's training while taking Stanley for a test ride.

Snake Proof

Irish & Roary

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