March 20, 2007

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"Blackberry" - NEW!
"Forbidden" - on WEST COAST - Oregon - AT RISK
"Mark" - NEW!
"Lightbulb" -
17 hands!
- Well priced!
"Gettin Gray"
- NEW!
"Sweep" - NEW!
"Precious" - NEW!
"Dr. Canhewin" - SOLD!
"M D Orange" - GREY Filly
"Zealous" - NEW Photos!
- NEW!
"Moneyhoney" - NEW!
"Coin" - NEW PHOTOS!
- Kind & gentle
"Alf" - Gorgeous!!

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The trainer wants this horse out NOW. Can you find him a home. Artrageous is a well bred colt who is kind and sound. SAFE AT LAST!!


Artrageous is very beautiful bay color with four white socks and a star.


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Artrageous - SAFE! and at his new home!

Artrageous and him mom Linnea Boyce. March 2007

UPDATE: Artrageous is now safe!
He was purchased by Cheryl Knobloch and her daughter Linnea (who also purchased Alaskan Crown and Foxy Dixie). She loves his color and his breeding. Artrageous will remain a stallion and stand at stud at Cheryl's Fox Haven Farm, Inc. in Jennings, Florida. He will be bred to sport horse mares of color and Thoroughbred mares to produce racing stock.

Artrageous has found a home.
Artrageous is a sound four year-old colt who was "At Risk" but he is now safe at his new home in Florida. Thank you to everyone who offered to help save this horse from going to auction/slaughter.

August 19, 2006 - Here is our first update from his new owners. Artrageous arrived early Saturday morning in Florida.

Hi Elizabeth,

I know my mom will probably write you as well, but I just wanted to send you a big hug and THANK YOU for helping us get this boy. He is AWESOME!

I drove down to Ocala to get him and he came off of the Sallee van very quietly, looked around and started to graze right away. I decided to give him a couple of minutes before I loaded him on our trailer for the ride home and he was such a gentleman. All I had to do was show him the feed bucket and he walked right up the ramp into our trailer and backed into his stall quietly. He rode home like a champ!

We put him on the round pen for a little while to see how he would behave and he was great, so we put him into the paddock we use for foaling. There were mares right across the fence from him and he was interested, but still well behaved, so we left him in there until right before the sun went down then put him back in the round pen for the night. We got some great pictures of him and they are up on our website already. He is sooo gorgeous. Not to mention that we had the pleasant surprise of finding out that he IS a sabino (white on his lower lip, white hair in his tail)!

Thanks again and we’ll talk to you soon,


Thank you to everyone who offered to help get this horse off-the-track!

Here was Artrageous' Prospect Horse Information

Artrageous is a four year-old colt that is "AT RISK". (UPDATE: He is safe now - August 18, 2006). This means his trainer wants him out NOW -- and we are not sure where he will be sent. Artrageous is a beautiful dark bay colt. He is about 16.3hh and sweet as can be. His exercise rider says he is sound for any discipline and he is easy to ride. Artrageous stood quietly while we photographed him. He is easy to work around. He does not have a mean bone in his body. He does not know he is a colt. He can be gelded if you are not looking for a colt. Artrageous is priced to go this week. Please call if you can help this horse. We do not want to lose him to an auction and/or possible slaughter. Check out his pedigree here.

Artrageous is a four year old colt by Artax.


This Thoroughbred colt is "AT Risk" and needs a home ASAP!
This Thoroughbred colt is "AT Risk" and needs a home ASAP!


Call for more information.


Call for more information.


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